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Title:Polyglot MELTS Hearts of Foreigners by Speaking Their Languages on Omegle!

●Discord: ●TikTok: ●Buy me a coffee: ●YouTube Shorts Channel: ●Instagram: @kazulanguages - This time, I went on Omegle and spoke 10 languages! Currently, I speak 8 languages, which I studied properly. These are English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, and Hindi. Apart from that, I speak Japanese for sure, which is my mother tongue. Furthermore, I know a tiny bit of Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Farsi, Swahili, Tagalog, Burmese, Thai, and Bengali! Of course, my skills of these languages are still far from sufficient. The thing I value the most, however, is the attitude to trying to know their culture. Interacting with people from different background is an eye-opening experience and that makes me really happy. I wanna inspire people to learn different languages. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Timestamps ] 00:00 - Intro 00:31 - (French) Kind French girls got so surprised when I spoke French! 06:11 - (Bengali) She became speechless by hearing my Bengali 07:53 - (Romanian & Russian) I shock her TWICE by speaking both her native languages! 09:47 - (Farsi) Iranian girl didn't expect me to speak Farsi! 11:35 - (Russian) A beautiful girl from Uzbekistan did a double-take upon hearing my Russian! 13:51 - (Polish & Swedish) Language Exchange with a Polyglot girl from Poland! 18:30 - Outro -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ CREDIT and USAGE ] ✘ Title: Sneaky Adventure [1 HOUR] ✘ Music: Kevin MacLeod ✘ License: CC BY 3.0 ( ✘ Download: ISRC: USUAN1100644 © 2009 Kevin MacLeod Icon made by Freepik from @flaticon( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #omegle #ometv #polyglot


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