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Title:Tim Nolan files lawsuits against family from prison

NEWPORT, Ky. (WKRC) - He’s serving 20 years for sex crimes, but former Campbell County Judge and schoolboard member Tim Nolan is not doing his time quietly. Nolan, who dragged out his criminal case with a litany of legal machinations, has filed two lawsuits from prison. Both address Nolan’s complaint that his family is selling off his assets, through a trust, without his permission. It claims two real estate auctions and three online auctions of personal property have already liquidated some of his assets. In June of 2017, as a growing list of young women came forward to complain about Nolan to police, his family formed a trust to protect his assets from forfeiture, fines and victim lawsuits. In the lawsuit naming Nolan’s daughters and The Nolan Irrevocable Trust, Nolan alleges that he was suffering from a brain tumor, hallucinations and mental issues when the trust was created. He claims he was incompetent. Nolan’s daughters Taunya Nolan Jack and Dr. Tifany Nolan are the trustees of the Nolan Irrevocable Trust. The trust was created one day after Nolan was indicted for the sex crimes. In the suit, Nolan claims that Taunya Nolan Jack used “inside” information from her job as Campbell Circuit Clerk to form the trust. He offers no explanation for that claim. The lawsuit also claims that his daughters are using their position to sell off his property and personal belongings to “enrich” themselves. “They wouldn’t work with us at all,” said Nolan’s attorney Don Wells. “They gave us no choice but to file suit.” Wells said real estate auctions and online sales of Nolan’s personal property showed “no empathy” and had left Tim Nolan “on the scrap heap.” A second lawsuit names Schneider’s Auction Service, and asks for an injunction to stop them from marketing or selling any more of Tim Nolan’s property. Attorneys for Taunya Nolan Jack and Tifany Nolan chose not to comment today. They said they had just received copies of the lawsuits and were putting together a formal response they will file with the court. Tim Nolan served as a Campbell District Judge in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. In 2016 he was elected to the Campbell County School Board. He resigned that seat after he was indicted on the sex charges. He was sentenced in May to 20 years in prison for human trafficking and unlawful transaction with a minor. The crimes involved 19 victims. 7 of them were under the age of 18.


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