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Title:Aam Aadmi Party Honest Report Card : Did they really change Delhi? : Political Case study

Download the TRAYA app now and take the FREE Hair Test: Use my code 20TS to get 20% off on your purchase. ⭐️ Think School’s flagship Communication course with an exclusive workshop on Chat GPT included: VIDEO INTRODUCTION: The aam aadmi party is one of the most powerful political parties in India today! And like we saw in the previous aam aadmi episode, Arvind kejriwal came out of nowhere andused a genius marketing strategy to beat a 3 time chief minister to become the CM of delhi!! And even though he couldnt pass the lokpal bill, he still became the CM of delhi again in 2020!!! While some call him the freebie king of India, others call him a revolution in the making!! But no matter what people, one thing for sure is that, Arvind Kejriwal is a powerful force in the Indian political battle!! And by the look of it, he has become more powerful than the Indian national congress. This is the reason why he is important not just for the citizens of Delhi but every Citizen in the country!!! But real question is, Is Arind Kejriwal really doing something revolutionary or is he faking his revolution? What promises did the aam aadmi party make to the people of Delhi? Which promises have actually been fulfilled? Which are the promises that are still pending? And most importantly, how did they perform as compared to congress in delhi? So just like the BJP report we have prepared an AAP report and while we will discuss the most important, promises in the video, I am attaching a document with all other promises and their status in the description!! So read it and form your own opinion!! So, to simplify things, I have categorised important promises into 6 categories, political, welfare and social security, women security, environmental, infrastructure and economic indicators. Our Best Indian Business Case Studies: 1. Asian paints - 2. Amul - 3. Haldiram - 4. Lijjat Papad - ✅Study Materials: Think School is a Digital School that we all deserved, but never had ►►Check out Think School's Online courses: #aap #arvindkejriwal #aamaadmiparty #thinkschool #businesscasestudy #geopolitics


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