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Title:Access the Akashic Records to Learn Your Soul Name and Purpose Hypnosis

The akashic records contain all information since the inception of time. While there are non-material and non-linear in time, the subconscious can access the akashic records using guided imagery. This hypnosis session takes you through deep relaxation and allows you to engage with your energetic self. You then pass through a vortex into the hall of records where you will learn your soul name, can ask any other questions about this or past lives and learn more about your higher purpose. More Videos You May Enjoy Access the Akashic Records to Remove Blocks from the Path to Your Soul Purpose and Higher Self 👉 Access the Akashic Records to Heal and Release Karma 👉 Access the Akashic Records to View Multiple Possible Futures 👉 Meditation to Meet Your Higher Self 👉 🎧 Download this MP3 to listen offline, anytime 👉 🎧 Visit the MP3 store at If you have benefitted from my work, please donate one time by Paypal at to allow me to continue to produce low-cost and no-cost support for all! Thank you ❤ Sarah 📱Connect on Facebook: 📱Follow on Instagram: ⭐ Think Yourself Slim Program: Royalty-free footage from Royalty-free music "Ascension" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke available from ----------------------------------------------------- Please ensure you read the full health advisory and disclaimer and seek any medical advice from your doctor if you have a confirmed or suspected health condition before listening to this. Do not listen to any of my recordings while performing any other task and always ensure you are in a safe environment.


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