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Title:The Rise of India as a Global Economic Power | Bloomberg Originals Marathon

A collection of India-centric documentaries covering its fast-growing economy, China relations, religious tensions, the rise of Narendra Modi and industry deep dives. 0:00 - How India Can Win China's Growth Crown 7:29 - How Narendra Modi Took Power in India 30:34 - What This $200 Million Temple Says About Modi’s India 40:08 - Inside Luxury’s Secret India Supply Chain 48:08 - How India's Drug Exports May Have a Safety Problem 57:12 - Inside Modi's Dangerous Bet on Alternative Medicine 1:04:12 - India’s Obesity Time Bomb How India Can Win China's Growth Crown: Originally published April 5, 2024 China’s economy is slowing and India is vying to take its place as the world’s biggest driver of growth. But the path is filled with obstacles. What does India need to fix before it can take China’s crown? Read the full story: How Narendra Modi Took Power in India: Originally published May 15, 2024 Narendra Modi, India’s 73-year-old prime minister, is both highly popular and deeply polarizing. How did he work his way to the top of Indian politics, and what do his policies mean for the country’s future, both at home and on the world stage? Bloomberg Originals speaks with childhood friends, government officials and former associates who have seen Modi up close over the years, seeking to understand how his core beliefs may have shaped his decision-making. We also show how he has sought to simultaneously make himself a champion of the poor and a friend to billionaires. Sitting at the top of the world’s most populous nation and one of its fastest growing economies, Modi occupies a uniquely important and powerful position in geopolitics, global trade and finance – especially as China’s growth has slowed. We explain how he got there, and what may come next. Read more about How Narendra Modi Is Preparing for a Thousand-Year Legacy on Bloomberg: What This $200 Million Temple Says About Modi’s India: Originally published January 19, 2024 When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the new Hindu temple in Ayodhya, many will see it as the capstone of his 10 years in power. Built on the site of a former mosque at a cost estimated at more than $200 million, the temple shows how his Bharatiya Janata Party has become a seemingly unstoppable electoral machine. And the timing of the inauguration, just months before national elections, may boost the election prospects of Modi and his fellow Hindu nationalists. Inside Luxury’s Secret India Supply Chain: Originally published September 28, 2023 Some of your “Made in France” luxury items are actually made in India. For decades, fashion houses obscured their business ties to developing nations where labor is cheap, and hard-to-find handicraft skills plentiful. Today, credit sharing remains contested, even as laws tighten around transparency. We set out to investigate what’s behind a garment label. How India's Drug Exports May Have a Safety Problem: Originally published December 15, 2023 Hospitals around the world use drugs from a small but crucial Indian supplier. In Colombia four kids died and more than a hundred fell ill. In a months-long investigation, Bloomberg Businessweek found that, despite a track record of safety lapses and quality concerns, the manufacturer continued selling its drugs. Read the full story: Inside Modi's Dangerous Bet on Alternative Medicine: Originally published February 28, 2024 India’s alternative medicine industry is booming as ancient principles of healthy living gain new traction, thanks in part to support from Narendra Modi’s government. “Ayurveda”, an ancient medical system that has existed in India for centuries, is flourishing with help from holistic-living influencers with vast reach on Instagram and YouTube. But there's a dark side to Ayurveda’s popularity. Some doctors in India are seeing patients suffer serious injuries from long term use of ayurvedic medicines. Medical professionals trying to raise awareness about the dangers of alternative medicines have faced lawsuits and even government intervention. India’s Obesity Time Bomb: Originally published November 3, 2023 Almost 1 in 4 adults is considered overweight or obese in India. As junk food giants push into developing nations with weaker public health awareness, campaigners are calling for tougher regulation. #India #Economy #Documentary Like this video? Subscribe: Get unlimited access to for $1.99/month for the first 3 months:


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