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Title:70 Stoic Affirmations [Listen Every Day] - Alpha Affirmations

Level up and start the day right with these repeatable Stoic Affirmations. © Mar 21 2023 Alpha Affirmations™ Materials copyrighted; if quoting, please properly credit Alpha Affirmations. Be a patron: Support the channel: Affirmations: I control my thoughts. I am master of my mental palace. I am capable of thriving in any conditions. I am resilient. I am steadfast. I am constantly growing, improving. I am committed to my own personal growth. I am at peace with myself and the world around me. I am grateful for everything I have. I define myself. I choose my path. I choose my world. I choose peace. I choose balance. I live according to rational choice. And so I am invincible. Wisdom is the greatest good. I live by reasoned faculty. I live the life of my choice. I am committed to living a life of purpose. I am committed to living a life of strength. I create my own happiness. I create my own fulfillment. I am strong. I am capable. I am focused on my goals. I am focused straight ahead. I take action on my goals. I persistently pursue excellence. I am always eager to improve. I am able to find joy and meaning in my everyday experiences. Every day I adapt. Every day I find new solutions. I am grateful that everything makes me stronger. I am always seeking to learn and grow from my experiences. I am committed to living a life of purpose. I let go of the past. I am fully present. I focus on the here and now. I am determined to live my life with honesty. I create my own happiness: supreme peace of mind. I find beauty in the world around me. I find inspiration in the world around me. I am open to new ideas, fresh perspectives. I am focused on progress. Steady forward progress. I stay calm. I stay centered. I am able to find peace and tranquility within myself. I find peace within myself. I find tranquility within myself. I adapt with grace. I overcome with ease. I appreciate the simple things in life. I seek clarity in all things. I focus my attention on simplicity, clarity, kindness, compassion. I focus on what I can control. I focus on thinking and speaking clearly. I focus on my internal peace. I live a life of calm, cool, balance, harmony. I am committed to living with integrity: exemplifying my values and highest ideals. I live with strength. I live with courage. I strive for excellence in all that I do. I accept all things as they are, while calmly pursuing my own growth and self-mastery. I am mindful of my actions. I am mindful of my thoughts. I control my reactions. I reign over myself. I reign over my inner world. #binaural #affirmations #stoicism


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