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Title:Raise The Energy of Male Genital Chakra and Fill Yourself with Passion - Tantric Meditation Music

Take your masculine energy to the next level by activating the Genital Chakra (Svadhisthana) with the Tantric beats. Download the full track FREE in lossless quality: Experience much stronger effect from uncompressed binaural music! Release your primal animal desire and feel as male as you can. Listen to the tribal beat meditation music and let the Tantric energy fill your whole body. The sexual energy raised by the Tantric practices has a healing and balancing effect on all the chakras. When your sexual blocks are released and the sexual energy is released to flow freely, the power of your natural sexuality brakes the blocks in all the other chakras activating the unlimited vitality and taking you one step closer to the spiritual awakening. Stop deprivating yourself from the things you desire. Stop blocking the creative and healing energy of your libido and sexuality. Meditate to the beats of the Tantric meditation music and activate the sexual energy transmutation. The sexual transmutation meditation can heal the energy issues. Once you unleash yourself and start being true to yourself in your wishes, the energy starts flowing and all the energy centers in your body align. Feel the passion, desire and arousal as never before. You can use this meditation music as a background for the Tantric sexual practices with your partner or as a mystical tantric sexual energy booster before coition with your loved one. The music is also great for the regular meditations, especially meditations aimed for the Sacral Chakra healing and sexual energy release. Start feeling alive by braking the chains of deprivation. Be yourself, live, love and enjoy! Composition number: 20013


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