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Title:All You Can Eat Steakhouse Buffet Feast! Premium Prime Rib & Seafood Brunch [Vancouver]

Go to to get started with 40% off Earth Breeze Eco Sheets! A big thank you to EarthBreeze for sponsoring this video! The rain was coming down in sheets... a typical rainy Sunday in Vancouver, but that didn't stop me and my good friends Nicole and James from venturing out to a Brunch Buffet! We've heard there was a new buffet in town and I've actually visited them before when they put on a buffet for special occasions, but I'm happy to say it's offered on a regular basis. This is at the Steakhouse called The Victor and they offer their "Spoils of Sunday" brunch Buffet. This wasn't your average all-you-can-eat buffet – this was a steakhouse going all out! Great steaks and roasts, a buffet, and you also get to choose an a la carte item from the menu! The moment we walked in, the smell of roasting prime rib hit us and all was right with the world. The buffet was a meat lover's paradise, with all kinds of roasts and other deliciousness. Lots of great sushi that showcased the seafood of the Pacific Northwest and some seafood items. And if you want more seafood, they've got you covered! You also got to choose something special from the menu. I went for the crab cakes Benedict and it was pure haven. Lots of carb and no filler so that the mounds of crab meat was just falling apart covered with the crunchy coating smothered with luscious runny egg yolk and a rich hollandaise sauce. I would highly recommend this to be your pick! Great food, great friends, and lots and lots of Mimosas! Here are some useful links: • The Victor Steakhouse • Spoils of Sunday Brunch Buffet - $65 • • 39 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3 Music Used: @RoaMusic • Song: Roa - Dreamer • • Song: Roa - Morning Sun • Roa Music Details: • Roa's Channel: • • • •


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