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Title:Eastern and Western lenses to Analytic Idealism with Bernardo Kastrup and Swami Sarvapriyananda

#consciousness #metaphysics #mysticism #philosophy #cognitivescience #idealism #swamisarvapriyananda #hinduism #advaita #advaitavedanta #spirituality #philosophyofmind In Philosophy Babble - The Great Minds Series In this instalment; We have two distinguish speakers, Resident Swami and head off the Vedanta Society of New York, Swami Sarvapriyananda. Alongside him, we have the highly accomplished Philosopher, Author and Scientist Dr Bernardo Kastrup. On Spotify: On Acast: Details: Swami Sarvapriyananda's website - channel - Bernardo Kastrup's website - channel - This conversation was recorded during a live session on Clubhouse @philosophybabble Swami Sarvapriyananda and Bernardo Kastrup conducted a profound and illuminating exchange on their perspectives surrounding life and existence. The discussion involved a deep exploration of various eastern and western philosophical schools of thought. The captivating discourse held the room in complete attention, with only a handful of questions punctuating the enlightening conversation. If you want to stay updated on upcoming live sessions on Clubhouse, please subscribe to the channel. And, don't forget to share, mention, and like! Topic of discussion : Perspectives on life and Existence 1. Nature of Consciousness 2. Mind and Body problem 3. Self and the world Summary: This dialogue between philosopher Bernardo Kastrup and Swami Sarvapriyananda is a rich exploration of Advaita Vedanta, a non-dualistic Hindu philosophy, and consciousness. Bernardo commence with the three fundamental philosophical questions, around the nature of reality, self, and knowledge. Kastrup addresses accusations of plagiarizing from the Upanishads, leading to a discussion contrasting Western and Eastern philosophical approaches. The conversation dives into non-dualism, the "nothingness", and the hard problem of consciousness. Key concepts of Advaita Vedanta, such as Ananda (bliss), Shunyata (void), and the experience of Samadhi, are examined in depth. They also broach the existential perspective of life as a "cosmic error," countering it with Jivanmukti, enlightenment while living. They tackle idealist interpretations of consciousness, the concept of God in Hinduism, and the difference between Samadhi and sleep. The discussion concludes with an exploration between memory, consciousness, the mind-body problem, and the distinction between the personal and universal mind. Throughout, delightful blending of Eastern and Western philosophical perspectives. Timecodes 00:00 - Intro 02:41 - Simplify Advaita Vendata in the shortest time ever!! 06:58 - 3 biggest questions in philosophy! 21:42 - Bernardo was accused of plagiarism on Upanishad 29:40 - Bernardo on Western’s mind 40:24 - Swami Ji on “Johnny Come Lately” 48:38 - Bernardo on absolute non dualism and nothingness 56:28 - Bernardo on the hard problem of consciousness 01:02:52 - Bernardo’s question on BLISS 01:02:08 - Swami Ji in depth explanation of BLISS 01:08:24 - Bernardo’s question on VOID 01:09:52 - Samadhi explained by Swami Ji 01:16:37 - Bernardo’s question “Life is a cosmic error” 01:18:10 - Jivanmukti enlightened while living 01:19:52 - Bindo Ji’s question on Idealism’s interpretation on CONSCIOUSNESS 01:22:42 - Swami Ji on concept of GOD and Goddesses 01:24:26 - Bindo’s question for deeper clarity on SAMADHI from Swami Ji’s understanding 01:26:36 - Swami Ji on the different between sleep state and samadhi 01:27:23 - Ary dived into deeper distinction between Emptiness and the Void 01:33:31 - Bernardo’s samadhi experienced 01:39:03 - Swami Ji advises on not chasing the experience of Samadhi 01:40:20 - Curious’s question on Memory and Problem with Consciousness as emergence while having a fan moment with Swami 01:44:27 - Bernardo illustration on truth and consciousness as emergence 01:50:17 - Swami’s on memory everywhere in technology except one thing “First person experience” 01:54:59 - Vinod’s question on how the mind cause the arm to move? 01:56:25 - Bernardo on “Your personal mind is not the universal mind at large” 01:59:42 - Eldhose’s last question. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY DONATING TO - MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THE TEAM AND EVERYONE THAT JOINED US ON THAT DAY. JOIN US AT: CLUBHOUSE FOR FUTURE LIVE SESSION Clubhouse: @philosophybabble Copyright © 2023 by Philosophy Babble. All rights reserved.


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