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Title:Keynote: We are stronger together | Andrea Leopardi & Maxim Fedorov | Code BEAM America 2022

This video was recorded at Code BEAM America 2022 - We are stronger together | Andrea Leopardi & Maxim Fedorov - Elixir Core Team Member & Software Engineer at WhatsApp ABSTRACT The BEAM is living its best days. The ecosystem is thriving, big companies are picking up our languages, innovation is sprawling, and BEAM-based solutions are getting traction in new domains. But being fragmented, the ecosystem is not as strong as it deserves. There are over 30 languages speaking BEAM, yet only a few can talk to each other. While improvements to Erlang/OTP often trickle down to Elixir and Gleam, the opposite is rarely true. Rewriting everything with Erlang is not an option - we would not rewrite C++ in C either. So what can we do to bring the community together? We want to talk about the challenges we are facing, the future we envision, and some ideas on how we can step into that future. We want to get you inspired to reunite the ecosystem. OBJECTIVES Unite developers working in and on the ecosystem. AUDIENCE Any developer working with BEAM • Timecodes 00:00 - 03:53 - Intro 03:54 - 06:37 - The Ecosystem 06:38 - 08:40 - The Business Part 08:41 - 10:54 - Multi-dimensional Challenge 10:55 - 11:49 - The Onion Theory 11:50 - 20:06 - Erlang and Elixir 20:07 - 22:41 - GLEAM, LFE and more 22:42 - 32:54 - Monorepo for the BEAM 32:55 - 38:02 - Interoperability 38:03 - 47:25 - F.O.M.O 47:27 - 56:51 - Compilation and Types • Follow us on social: Twitter: LinkedIn: • Looking for a unique learning experience? Attend the next Code Sync conference near you! See what's coming up at: • SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL See what's coming up at:


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