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Title:Basic Labs for Mental Health Assessment

Basic labs for mental health assessment video explains which labs to start with when having mental health symptoms, particularly depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are typically symptoms of an underlying condition and not a condition on all its own therefore it is important to first evaluate your labs and rule out any medical conditions, or subclinical nutrient deficiencies that can be causing your symptoms. Order your mental health labs here: 📣 You can work with Jezel in our signature program Levelheaded Mindset Coaching Program, found here: 🔗 👉🏽 Get Mental health matters gear 🎥 This video was edited by: Rahul Kanchi 🚑 If you are in a mental health crisis, please dial 9-8-8 from the U.S. Or text HOME to 741741 and connect to a crisis counselor. You can find a list of international crisis lines here: Optimal Dx Provider Directory Psychiatry Redefined Provider Directory References: Greenblatt, J., & Lee, W. (2019). Integrative medicine for depression : a breakthrough treatment plan that eliminates depression naturally. Friesenpress. Dicken Weatherby, & Ferguson, S. (2005). Blood chemistry and CBC analysis -- clinical laboratory testing from a functional perspective : quick reference guide. Bear Mountain Publishing ; Ashland, Or. ‌ ODX - OptimalDX. (n.d.). Retrieved November 12, 2023, from Disclaimer: All of the information on this channel is for educational purposes only and not intended to be specific/personal medical advice or substitute for diagnosis and treatment of any conditions discussed herein. Furthermore, watching these videos or getting answers to comments/questions, does not establish a provider-patient relationship. Please consult with your own healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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