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Title:25 Academic English Words You Should Know | Perfect for University, IELTS, and TOEFL

Join my upcoming speaking course. 🎊 (classes start early June) πŸ‘‰ **Use the code SPEAK20 to get $20 off. πŸ€— This course will help you: βœ”οΈ speak confidently and naturally βœ”οΈ improve both listening and pronunciation βœ”οΈ learn new vocabulary, idioms, & expressions βœ”οΈ overcome speaking anxiety -------------------------- ABOUT THE LESSON πŸ“š Why should you learn academic words? There are many reasons - school, work, English exams. Academic English is important because it enhances our overall fluency by allowing us to be more descriptive and precise when presenting information at work or even writing a university paper. The words in this lesson were taken from the Academic Word List. This is a list of the most common academic words used in English. For an entire list of these words here: Here are the list of words from the lesson: 1. Alternative - an additional choice; a possible or remaining choice; 2. Assessment - an evaluation of something 3. Benefit - something good or advantageous 4. Complex - something that has many connected parts that are different and unique 5. Concept - an idea about something that you form in your mind 6. Conclusion - the end or close 7. Conduct - to organize or lead an activity 8. Consistent - acting or done in the same way over time; not moving away from principles or being contradictory 9. Context - parts of a statement(written or spoken) that surround a specific word or phrase 10. Coordination - a combination of parts or people working together 11. Environment - the condition of your surroundings (geography, society, mood) 12. To estimate - to make an approximate guess or judgement 13. Factor - something that contributes to a particular result 14. Function - the purpose for which something is designed 15. Identified - to recognize something or someone 16. Impact - to strong effect or influence that something has on a situation or person 17. To indicate - to point out or show something 18. Investment - to use of money or capital in order to receive a profit or appreciation in value 19. Major - describes something that is greater in size, extent, or importance 20. Method - a technique, plan or way of doing something 21. To occur - something that happens or takes place 22. Potential - something that could possibly happen but might not come to pass 23 . Primary - to first or importance 24. Range - the upper or lower limits that a number, an amount or type of something may vary 25. Significant - something of importance or something of consequence #AcademicWords #IELTS #TOEFL -------------------------- HELP SUPPORT INTERACTIVE ENGLISH πŸ’– Become a Member on YouTube 🎊 πŸ‘‰ Support Our Lessons On Patreon (awesome rewards) πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘‰ -------------------------- JOIN OUR COMMUNITY πŸ“¬ (Access the Secret Fluency Lesson) 🀫 πŸ‘‰ -------------------------- LINKS TO PRACTICE & IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH βœ… Improve Your Listening w/ Audiobooks. FREE TRAIL! Find a teacher with italki. Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits: πŸ™‹ Eliminate Writing Mistakes ✍ Grammarly: Wes’ Teaching Adventures 🌎 Happy Time Go Fast (South Korea): Watermelon Is Life (Namibia): **Please know that links to Audible, italki, Grammarly are affiliate links. We earn commission through these links. -------------------------- FOLLOW INTERACTIVE ENGLISH πŸ‘ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: -------------------------- OTHER SHOUT-OUTS πŸ’¬ Royalty-free images provided by Pixabay Music: Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: -------------------------- MESSAGE TO YOU 😊 Thanks so much for being a part of our community. Learning English is an enriching experience that brings everyone all around the world closer together. Be sure to say β€œHello” and write to us in the comments. We love hearing from all of you. THANKS FOR WATCHING!


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