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Title:IBM IT Support - Complete Course | IT Support Technician - Full Course

Build job-ready skills by learning from the best Get started in the in-demand field of IT technical support with a Professional Certificate from IBM. Learn the foundations of IT support and develop hands-on knowledge of operating systems and networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and providing end-to-end customer support. Common job titles: Database Administrator, IT Specialist, Tech Support Specialist, Systems Analyst, Network Engineer, Help Desk Technician, IT Support Specialist, IT Technician, Computer User Specialist, IT Assistant 👉Applied Data Science By IBM: 👉Applied Data Science with R By IBM : ⭐⭐⭐⭐🕑TIME STAMP📋⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐️Introduction to Technical Support⭐️ 👉0:00:00 Welcome 👉0:12:36 What Is Technical Support 👉0:39:05 Technical Support Skills and Opportunities 👉1:22:19 Support Tools Support Tiers and Service Level Agreements 👉1:56:56 Ticketing Systems 👉2:54:57 Final Hands on Project and Quiz ⭐️Introduction to Hardware and Operating Systems⭐️ 👉2:58:54 Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Operating Systems 👉3:42:45 Introduction to Hardware and Components 👉4:17:15 Introduction to Interface Peripherals and Connectors 👉4:54:09 Internal Computer Components 👉5:22:13 Introduction to Microsoft Windows Workstation and Manangement 👉5:46:59 Introduction to Workstation Evaluation Setup and Troubleshooting 👉6:25:22 Course Wrap Up 👉6:33:27 Exploring additional Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems ⭐️Introduction Software Programming and Database⭐️ 👉7:17:54 Welcome 👉7:21:12 Computing Platforms and Software Applications 👉8:10:15 Fundamentals of Web Browsers Applications and Cloud Computing 👉9:16:07 Basics of Programming 👉9:59:53 Database Fundamentals ⭐️Introduction to Networking and Storage⭐️ 👉10:46:47 Welcome 👉10:50:14 Network Topologies Types and Connections 👉11:22:12 Hardware Network Flow and Protocols 👉12:03:11 Network Setup and Tools 👉12:37:31 Common Storage and Sharing Options 👉13:06:22 Course Wrap up ⭐️Introduction to CyberSecurity Essentials⭐️ 👉13:14:27 Security Concerns 👉13:43:05 Password Management and Security Best Practices 👉14:23:20 Security Concerns and Safe Browsing ⭐️Introduction to Cloud Computing⭐️ 👉14:53:53 Welcome 👉14:56:05 Introduction to Cloud Computing 👉15:17:52 Business Case for Cloud Computing 👉15:26:44 Emerging Technologies Accelerated By Cloud 👉15:40:00 Service Models 👉16:00:08 Deployment Models 👉16:16:33 Cloud Infrastructure 👉16:50:48 Cloud Storage and Content Delivery Networks 👉17:19:09 Hybrid Multi Cloud Microservices and serverless 👉17:37:58 Cloud Native Applications DevOps and Application Modernization 👉17:58:10 Cloud Security and Monitoring 👉18:25:40 Case Studies and Jobs ⭐️Technical Support Case Studies⭐️ 👉18:39:30 Welcome 👉18:43:33 Hardware and Operating Systems Scenarios 🧾 For Earning the Certificate, Enroll in this Course here®️: Free ways to support this Channel (1) Like and Subscribe (2) Don't use ad block and don't Download Video (3) Share with Friends ✨✨PLEASE IGNORE THESE TAGS✨✨ technical support,technical support engineer,technical support fundamentals,technical support course,technical support basics,technical support basic knowledge,basics of it technical support,technical support career, coursera technical support fundamentals answers,technical support engineer course,it support technician,it support,it support specialist,it support basics,Full Course,Complete Course,it support helpd desk,help desk


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