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Title:Responsive Admin Dashboard Using HTML CSS & JavaScript with Light & Dark Mode

Create a Responsive Admin Dashboard For an Ecommerce Website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Hostinger Discount: Responsive React Portfolio Website with Theme Customization (FULL COURSE): In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to use modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a completely responsive admin dashboard with light and dark mode theme functionality. We'll be using CSS Variables, CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox, Media queries for our responsive design, and CSS transitions and animations for some cool animation effects. Like and Subscribe: HTML CSS & JavaScript Playlist: Source code & Live Demo: I've made the source code for all projects available for the past few months, but now I need your support to keep bringing you even better content. Please join my Patreon and have access to all my project source code, images, and live demo! You'll also have access to all future projects, Figma files, my upcoming Udemy course, and more! Assets: Timestamps 00:00:00 Intro (Project Overview) 00:02:17 Project Folder Structure and Files 00:03:30 Adding Material Icons CDN 00:04:20 Aside/Sidebar Markup 00:10:10 CSS Variables and General Styles 00:20:03 Aside and Sidebar Styles 00:28:52 Main Section (Calendar & Insights) Markup 00:33:30 Main Section (Calendar & Insights) Styles 00:42:25 Recent Orders (Orders Table) Markup 00:44:27 Recent Orders (Orders Table) Styles 00:47:28 Right Section (Top & Recent Updates) Markup 00:51:40 Right Section (Top & Recent Updates) Styles 00:57:05 Right Section (Sales Analytics) Markup 00:59:43 Right Section (Sales Analytics) Styles 01:04:10 Media Queries 1 (Responsive Design For Big Tablets and Small Laptops) 01:09:42 Media Queries 2 (Responsive Design For Small Tablets and Mobile Phones) 01:16:45 Showing and Hiding of the Sidebar using JavaScript 01:18:25 Animating Sidebar 01:19:40 Theme Change/Toggle Functionality (Light & Dark Mode with JavaScript) 01:22:35 Filling Table with Orders using JavaScript


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