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Title:What is Subnetting? - Subnetting Mastery - Part 1 of 7

This video will teach you the basics of subnetting. Every Subnetting problem will ask you to solve for one or more of seven possible attributes: Network ID, Broadcast IP, First Host IP, Last Host IP, Next Network, Number of IP Addresses, and CIDR/Subnet Mask conversions. This video explains what each of the attributes are. What if there were a single video series that could make you a Subnetting Master? What if that video series were available for free, for everyone? Look no further. This is it. This is video 1 of the series. The complete video series will make you a Subnetting Pro. 00:00 - Start 00:15 - What is Subnetting? 01:40 - What are the seven attributes of Subnetting? 02:00 - What is the number of IP addresses in a Subnet? 02:31 - What are CIDR notations and Subnet Masks? 03:15 - What is the Network ID? 03:34 - What is the Broadcast IP? 03:53 - What are the purpose of the Net ID and Broadcast IP? 05:35 - What is the First Host IP? 06:14 - What is the Last Host IP? 06:38 - What is the Next Network? Part 1: (scroll up) Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: FLSM and VLSM - Part 1: FLSM and VLSM - Part 2: After you've watched the full series... Practice solving Subnetting problems here: #subnetting #networking #ccna


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