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Title:Two Steps From Hell - Live | An Epic Music Experience (Full) | by Stellar Wind

Whenever huge emotions, tense anticipation and breath-taking intensity are in the air, the sound of Two Steps From Hell is never far away. The world’s number one epic music producers and composers, namely Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, are breaking every streaming and follower record with their California-based production company Two Steps From Hell. With over four billion views on YouTube, one billion plays on other streaming platforms and four platinum albums, Two Steps From Hell are already one of the most successful music entities ever. With their bombastic sound characterised by ancient chants, titles such as “Protectors of the Earth,” “Heart of Courage,” “Victory” and “Archangel” set the heartbeats of millions of fans racing and perfectly complement the (film) images they accompany. Movie trailers for blockbusters such as “Avengers: Endgame,” “Aquaman” or “Jurassic World,” the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and advertisements for many large companies all rely on Two Steps From Hell to guarantee their success. For the first time, Two Steps From Hell toured throughout Europe with orchestra and choir. All musical highlights, soloists of their soundtracks, and a thrilling show ensured that Bergersen and Phoenix also gave their audience the chance to enjoy a very special and emotional experience in a live setting. Fans and press all over Europe celebrated the great success of this first live tour. The distinctive sound of Two Steps From Hell became an unparalleled event for all the senses – an exciting journey through the world of epic music, fantasy, musical mysticism, and drama with goose bumps guaranteed. The producers of »The World of Hans Zimmer«, Semmel Concerts & Tomek Productions presented the show. ______________________________________________________________________ All rights reserved to the artists/producers and record labels responsible for the music in this video. This video slide does not attempt to infringe any copyright of the artist and its owners. Its purpose is only to entertain and publicize the excellent work of musical artists. This channel is only shares quality music for people to enjoy. We do not intend to infringe copyright of the music and the image, we will withdraw it immediately if the artist, label or distributor wishes This mix is created for entertainment purposes only. I do not own the rights to any of the music included. All rights and credits go directly to the rightful owners. Please support the artists by purchasing their tracks. Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer (Fair Use) under section 107 Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use", Non-profit & educational. Copyright belongs to its respective owners. I do not own the musical copyright for the songs included here on this mix. This is purely for entertainment & promotional purposes


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