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Title:Charmed "The Power of Three Brothers" Season 4 Opening Credits

"You're our guide, you're supposed to protect us, - and you're just gonna let him die?" Hey Guys! Here is Charmed "The Power of Three Brothers" Season 4 Opening. Last season at the Final Shax appeared and killed Parker. and the Power of Three broke ... But losing a beloved brother is hard especially for Phil...for him it's the end of the world without Parker He is mad very angry with the world and he accuses Leo of not saving him Patrick suffers as well, but he tries to keep going and helps save innocents with Cole Paul is sad too, he knew Parker even if only for a short time and feels so connected to the brothers even more but does not suspect that he is part of the family But the Fight continues, the Source is still hunting on the Brothers and Parker doesn't give up, his Soul is still in the Manor Patrick feels that and he tries to find a way to get Parker back. Patrick and Phil ask Mom and Grams..what they can do and it turns out that Paul is a lost Half-Brother a Whitelighter-Witch but he's not Part from the Power of Three,because he's a Half-brother But Together.. they travel to the Past and prevent Parker's death so was the power of Three restored.. Parker is back alive and now They have to face the Source. The Power of Three will set us Three! Andrew Garfield as Parker Halliwell Cody Christian as Phil Halliwell Steven R. Mcqueen as Patrick Halliwell Dylan O'Brien as Paul Matthews Jared Padalecki as Leo Wyatt Ian Somerhalder as ColeTurner I Hope you Like my Opening. Please subscribe, like and Comments


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