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Title:My Condition Makes Me Fall In Love With Everyone | BORN DIFFERENT

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: 27-YEAR-OLD Alexandra was born with a rare genetic condition called Williams syndrome, which makes her one of the most friendly people you can come across. Alexandra describes the condition as "kind of like Down's syndrome, but we're missing chromosome seven." While the condition affects people differently, older sister Victoria identifies many of the classic traits in Alexandra: "It's characterised by cognitive and developmental issues, highly sociable personalities, an affinity for music [and] similar facial features" - including "starburst-blue eyes." The two sisters are inseparable, spending every day together - and Victoria insists that "it doesn't feel tiring to match her happy energy - she's always been that way, it's always been a consistent in my life." But she is very protective of her sister, as Alexandra's highly sociable tendencies meant that she used to "wander off and just give anybody a hug." This was something that Victoria had to teach her not to do, out of concern that "not everyone is friendly, not everyone has good intentions." Alexandra's zest for life is still as strong as ever though - and she has found a passion for clothing and fashion. In recent years the sisters have developed an online business selling clothing that they design and make together - and Alexandra takes the lead creatively: "All of the designs have been Alexandra-approved before they go on the website." Their items are often emblazoned with mottos that Alexandra resonates with - such as "Stay Weird" and "Normal Is Boring" - and Alexandra models every item herself. The sisters donate a percentage of the profits they make to the Williams Syndrome Association, a charity that has introduced Alexandra to other young people living with Williams syndrome "all over the world" - close friends she now talks to every day without fail over video call. Despite the connections Alexandra has made, Williams syndrome is so rare that the sisters have felt it important to use their social media channels to educate on what living with Williams syndrome looks like. They post regularly to Instagram and TikTok - despite Victoria initially feeling very cautious about exposing her sister to negativity. Her fears were realised when she saw trolls "make comments about my sister" - something that did "irk" her in the beginning - but Alexandra's defiant positivity has enabled them to create "platforms where there is love." In doing so, Victoria has been able to "see things from [Alexandra's] point of view" and the two sisters are closer than ever. Alexandra knows she has a best friend and staunch ally in Victoria - and the two sisters are out to remind us all that "you should be happy with what makes you unique, because normal is really boring." Follow Alexandra & Victoria on Instagram: Follow Alexandra & Victoria on YouTube: Follow Alexandra & Victoria on Facebook: Follow Alexandra & Victoria on TikTok: Videographer: Dan Jones, Kaitlyn Jones Producers: Kim Nguyen, Tom Buckman, Georgia Embling Editor: Renee Wong Truly is on TikTok! Now you can watch our videos in Spanish!: Click here to follow your favourite Truly shows on Instagram! Truly - Born Different - Shake My Beauty - Hooked On The Look - Love Don't Judge - Beastly - Ridiculous Rides - Dog Dynasty - For more amazing content, click here! Beastly: Barcroft Cars:


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