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Title:Meri Hai Kiya Khata | Mega Episode | Eid Special | AAN TV

Watch Mega Episode of "Meri Hai Kiya Khata" on 4th Day of Eid at 8:00 PM Only on Youtube Channel! This is the story of Zarfishan and Tara, who were brought up in different environments, but they somehow face similar difficulties and problems. Zara was fostered by Jibran, who is not her real father, but he loved her more than his blood relations. On the other hand, Zarfishan, who was nourished in a mansion by her real father, "Shehbaz," who is always destitute from his ailment, there is a turning point in their lives when both girls are facing an identity crisis. Produced By: Gold Bridge Media Directed By: Shafqat Moinuddin Written By: Jahanzaib Qamar & Muhammad Asif Cast: Saniya Shamshad, Humayoun Ashraf, Maryam Noor, Haaris Waheed, Shahood Alvi, Ayub Khoso, Shabir Jan, Aiman Zaman, Sadaf Aashan -- Pakistan's first Family #Entertainment satellite #TV Channel with 4K resolution readiness. AAN TV will entertain its audience through its original and innovative family-oriented content. We intend to tell the stories of our viewers, who understand and see themselves in our immaculately crafted characters in our programming mix that will range from issue-based format shows and stories to intense family drama to mesmerizing love stories and informative children content. Don't Forget to Like, Follow and Subscribe us on; Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Snack Video: #AanTV #RishtonKiPehchaan #MeriHaiKiyaKhata


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