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Title:Ilan Pappe - how he became an Israeli dissident and on why Zionism will fail soon | UNAPOLOGETIC

“I saw evidence that really challenged everything that I knew” Ilan Pappe shares how he came across historical documents back in 1978 that debunked Zionist myths and set him off on his journey to becoming an Israeli dissident, why what is going on in Gaza is a ‘genocide’ that is much worse than the Nakba of 1948, and why he thinks Zionism is near its end. Episode Outline 00:00 Introduction 00:30 What was the Nakba? 04:23 Zionist fabrications around the Nakba 09:15 Gaza compared to 1948 Nakba 12:12 Why did you decide to study the Nakba 14:34 Meeting Palestinian academics 17:00 False assumptions I took for granted 19:07 How did you approach the documents 21:10 how I became secure in my work and my findings 21:45 being forced out of Haifa University 24:40 life in Israel as a dissident 27:30 Getting sh*t parcels in the mail 29:30 Observations on Israeli society becoming racist 32:30 The Israeli education system indoctrinating a new society 36:25 Israel's ruthlessness in Gaza now 38:30 Gaza a strategic challenge to Zionist project 40:15 What happens in Gaza now 43:30 What Israel is doing now will lead to a strategic loss for Israel 45:00 Reasons why Zionism will come to an end UNAPOLOGETIC is hosted by Ashfaaq Carim Subscribe to our channel: Subscribe to MEE Telegram channel to stay up to date: Filmed on the 22nd February 2024 Middle East Eye Website: Follow us on TikTok: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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