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Title:Developing Robotics Applications with MATLAB, Simulink, and Robotics System Toolbox

Robotics System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and hardware connectivity for developing autonomous mobile robotics applications. Toolbox algorithms include map representation, path planning, path following for differential drive robots, and Vector Field Histogram Plus (VFH+) obstacle avoidance. You can design and prototype motor control, computer vision, and state machine applications in MATLAB® or Simulink® and integrate them with core algorithms in Robotics System Toolbox. The system toolbox provides an interface between MATLAB and Simulink and the Robot Operating System (ROS) that enables you to test and verify applications on ROS-enabled robots and robot simulators such as Gazebo. It supports C++ code generation, enabling you to generate a ROS node from a Simulink model and deploy it to a ROS network. For select Robotics System Toolbox™ algorithms, you can now generate C/C++ code using MATLAB® Coder™. You can create MEX-files and shared libraries from your MATLAB application. These code generation workflows are supported for the coordinate transformation functions (Coordinate System Transformations), the VFH+ obstacle avoidance algorithm, and the Pure Pursuit controller algorithm. In this webinar, we demonstrate how to develop robotics applications with MATLAB, Simulink, and Robotics System Toolbox by introducing: MATLAB-ROS Interface Simulink-ROS Interface Common Robotics Algorithms such as Path Planning and Collision Avoidance See what's new in the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink: Download a trial:


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