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Title:ALL The Mistakes You Missed in How To Train Your Dragon!

Time to visit Berk with the How To Train Your Dragons franchise! Hiccup, Stoic, and Valka are dragon riders and have, they’ve made a few mistakes which even the writers didn’t notice. How To Train Your Dragon could have spent a little less time on training dragons and more on training their continuity person. Here are some of the biggest mistakes we noticed in the How To Train Your Dragon Franchise! Do we blame the people who made it? Well yes a little bit, but we respect them and the tremendous effort they have made to make such an inventive series a reality. Still, this series has mistakes notorious in classic animation as well as some logic and continuity issues. No one is perfect! And people make films that carry into their little creations. Generations have loved How To Train Your Dragon but some of you have noticed these errors and you’re not alone, it’s why we’re here. Whether you’re an animation fan, a classic animation lover learning the craft, or just a lover of trivia and goofs in famous films and TV shows, we’ve got you covered. So sit back and grab some halloween candy while we go over 20 mistakes in the beloved How To Train Your Dragon franchise of films! Those were all the biggest mistakes we noticed in How To Train Your Dragon. Any you noticed that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed, like and subscribe for more animated content. And thanks for watching TheThingsAnimated! Subscribe: Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:16 Tailspin Trouble 00:47 Grimmel Gaff 01:12 Roped Into A Mistake 01:40 Rest In Peace, Continuity 02:13 Book ‘em For This Error 02:35 Drago Difficulties 03:07 Burning Continuity 03:23 Cutting Through Logic 03:47 More Ropes, More Mistakes 04:12 A Sharp Detail 04:26 Something Fishy 04: 52 Stoick Needs Space 05:18 Footprint Fudging 05:41 How Big Is It? 06:03 A Tear In Logic 06:28 Tying Up Some Loose Ends 06:42 Sliding Away From Logic 07:05 A Convenient Memory 07:37 Vikings Are Jerks 08:02 Mind Control Conflicts 08:23 Outro Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit: Written by: Geoff Cork Narrated by: Geoff Cork Edited by: Gabrielle Alves For copyright matters please contact us at:


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