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Title:South Africa: Ramaphosa Scrambles for Top Spot as Parliament Set to Convene | Firstpost Africa

South Africa: Ramaphosa Scrambles for Top Spot as Parliament Set to Convene | Firstpost Africa South Africa's newly elected parliament is to convene for the first time on Friday as political parties scramble to form a coalition after general elections produced no outright winner. The ANC has been drawing up plans and negotiating with potential partners to form a government, but as the date approaches to convene the country’s parliament, there is no clear sight of who will take charge as South Africa's next leader. Last week, ANC’s Cyril Ramaphosa said that the party favoured forming a National Unity government. He called on other political parties to form an alliance but the proposal met a cool reception from some. As parties continue to reject one another, South Africa's fate has been left hanging in the balance. --- South Africa | African National Congress | Cyril Ramaphosa | ANC | Alliance | Opposition | Parliament | Firstpost Africa | Alyson Le Grange | Africa | Global South | Geopolitics | Military Coup | Environment | Climate Change | Firstpost | News Live | World News | Latest News | Global News | International News | News | Trending News #southafrica #cyrilramaphosa #opposition #africannationalcongress #alliance #powersharing #parliament #firstpostafrica #africa #alysonlegrange #globalsouth #militarycoup #firstpost #newslive #worldnews #latestnews #globalnews #news #internationalnews #trendingnews Firstpost is an Indian news and media website. Get all the incisive opinions, in-depth analyses and other visual stories that matter to you and the world right here on this channel. Subscribe to Firstpost channel and press the bell icon to get notified when we go live. Follow Firstpost on Instagram: Follow Firstpost on Facebook: Follow Firstpost on Twitter: Follow Firstpost on WhatsApp:


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