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Title:We Need Another Engine | A Sudrian Stories Special

The following video was made with the intent that it can be viewed by and enjoyed by general audiences; people of any age. The time is finally here for another special, and another installment in Sudrian Stories! Here is "We Need Another Engine", which is our rewrite of "Jock the New Engine" by Christopher Awdry. Now, all four stories take place around the same time and connect in a way to treat it like a full-length special, kind of like a shorter The Adventure Begins. Cam and Nathan were originally going to split this project up but the script was abandoned. Chase and I picked it back up and rewrote it into what you see today. I hope you enjoy this video, and be sure to check out Three Wise Engines on Mainland's channel when that comes out, as it's almost a follow-up. I wanted to have Jock's canon debut introduction out before Jock showed up in that episode, and I am glad I got this out in the end. It's ironic that the one time I finish a video in time for Christmas, it's not a Christmas episode. Either way, please enjoy, rewatch How Diesel 10 Stole Christmas, and relax by the fire, or keep your PC away from fire, that's probably a better idea. SOCIALS: ▶︎Follow me on Twitter: ▶︎Join us on Discord: ▶︎Support me on Patreon: THANK YOU TO MY PATRONS: CadenceandAuntArcticFan62 TheThomasTrainzUser Aidan MichaelWallace39 Neil the S&M 2 production kevj1993 engine275 RobloxGamer2010 Killdane ThomasFan2002 StainmorePhoenix Jordo JasperPie Z Kan TramwayNeutral CentralMSRailProductions TheMilanTooner Aaron Williams Alexander Mizera AstroManNova83 ghosteevee26 Lampiron Productions


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