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Title:Optimal Government Pension Claiming | Rational Reminder 301

Meet with PWL Capital: In this episode, we delve into the best time to claim your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits. Although the focus of this episode is on Canada, there will be many relevant and valuable insights for our non-Canadian listeners. In our conversation, we discuss the importance of understanding the intricacies of CPP benefits, the fundamentals, and how individuals can optimize their retirement income by making informed decisions. Explore the importance of understanding when to claim CPP benefits, how much future financial security a CPP offers, and why the CPP is one of the most valuable retirement assets for most Canadians. Gain insights into how wage growth ties into CPP benefits, the exceptions to deferring a CPP claim, and what made 2022 different regarding CPP claims. Join us as we uncover the nuances of CPP benefits! Timestamps: 0:00:00 Intro 0:04:23 Main Topic: When should you claim CPP benefits? 0:55:49 Aftershow Links From Today’s Episode Rational Reminder on iTunes — Rational Reminder Website — Rational Reminder on Instagram — Rational Reminder on X — Rational Reminder on YouTube — Rational Reminder Email — Benjamin Felix — Benjamin on X — Benjamin on LinkedIn — Cameron Passmore — Cameron on X — Cameron on LinkedIn — Mark McGrath on LinkedIn — Mark McGrath on X — When Should You Start CPP? — The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) — Society of Actuaries (SOA) — FP Canada — When Should You Start CPP? — CE Drive with Jason Watt — Episode 137: David Blanchett: Researching Retirement — 137 Episode 254: David Blanchett: Regret Optimized Portfolios and Optimal Retirement Income — Episode 289 - Retiring Retirement Income Myths with the Retirement Income Dream Team — Jason Yi on LinkedIn — Episode 225: The Index Fund "Tipping Point” — Books From Today’s Episode: Wealthier — The Algebra of Wealth — dp/0593714024 Sleep Well, Take Risks, Squish the Peas — Squish/dp/0757324711/ Papers From Today’s Episode: ‘The CPP Take-Up Decision: Risks and Opportunities’ — globalassets/assets/files/resources/research-report/2020/2020-cpp-take-up-decision.pdf ‘Get the Most from the Canada & Quebec Pension Plans by Delaying Benefits’ — https:// ‘Financial Advisor Compensation Structure and Client Equity Allocations’ — https://


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