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Title:Transforming a Honda TRX250R into a Drag Racing Beast! Performance Mods and Upgrades

Transforming a Honda TRX250R into a Drag Racing Beast! Performance Mods and Upgrades #honda #2stroke #power Don't forget, I will be at Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Waynoka Oklahoma on September 29th and 30th with this 380R and the TRI-Z! Come say hi and see the machines 🀘Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like button and consider subscribing for more content like this! PARTS AND TOOLS IN THIS VIDEO - (These links may be affiliate links that I get a kick back for; there is no added cost to you) Billet Cases – Email (Mention my name for 10% off) DMR Lynx Cylinder Kit – Zeeltronic Ignition – (Code: Sabo10 for 10% off) Zeeltronic Mount - (Code: Sabo10 for 10% off) Billet Clutch Cover – Billet Stator Cover – Case Saver – (Code: Sabo10 for 10% off) Swingarms and A-arms - M12 Impact - M18 Impact – Tusk Scissor Stand – Scale of Doom – T-Handle Allen Wrenches – Tusk Snap Ring Pliers - Parts Washer – Swingarm Delrin Bushings – Drag Axles – Contact Drag Racing Carrier – Contact Rear Red Stainless Brake Line – Digital Torque Wrench – Brake Line Stays – Super Fat Pegs – Urmosi SBC 720 Bar Clamps – Urmosi Factory Throttle - ODI Grips – SPONSORS/COMPANIES I TRUST ⬇️ OEM PARTS, PLASTICS, BEARINGS, SEALS ETC ⬇️ Rocky Mountain ATV MC – ⬇️ POWDER COATING ⬇️ Bonehead Performance Coatings - (Mention my name and get 10% off) ⬇️ SUSPENSION ⬇️ Rocket Ron - ⬇️ CASE SAVERS & SKID PLATES ⬇️ DRW Performance - (Code SABO10 for 10% off) ⬇️ PREMIUM BAR CLAMPS & THROTTLES ⬇️ Urmosi – ⬇️ USED PARTS & REBUILD SERVICES ⬇️ Power Sports Nation – ⬇️ VAPOR BLASTING & ZINC COATING ⬇️ MotoBlast - MERCH - Add me on Instagram @michaelsabo350 for Channel Updates! Companies and Sponsors please contact: I own the license to use any and all music in this video.


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