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Title:Complete RankMath Tutorial | SEO Tutorial For Beginners

In this SEO tutorial, I show you how to apply Search Engine Optimization to your WordPress Website using RankMath. Using this free plugin you will be found better in the search results of Google and other search engines. With RankMath you can make sure your search results look clean and are straight to the point. I will show you how to download and install the free version of RankMath. Then we will configure RankMath and create a Google Analytics and Google Search Console account so you can see all the important statistics in the backend of your website. Using the 404 monitors we will make sure that all your broken links are detected and fixed. With RankMath we can create a Sitemap that will enable Google to index our websites faster. We will optimize the way all our pages look in the search results. How to go from this. To this. And we will make sure that all our upcoming pages, posts, and product pages are optimized by default. When we have done that I will show you how to optimize your individual blog posts and pages. And using RankMath you can see every step you need to take in order to be found better. We just have to follow all the suggestions from RankMath and I will walk you through them. There is so much more we will cover. How to read the website statistics. How to analyze and optimize our website even further. Even though we already get so much with the free version of Rank Math: At the end of the tutorial, I will talk about the features of RankMath Pro. In the description of the video, I show you everything we will cover in the tutorial. If you want to go to a specific place in the tutorial, you can click on the timestamp and go directly to that part of the video. Example website: Get RankMath: Subscribe: RankMath Timestamps: 00:00 RankMath Tutorial Overview 01:52 Download RankMath For Free The RankMath Setup Wizard 04:28 Setup RankMath 05:33 Import Data From Other Plugins (Like Yoast SEO) 07:50 Setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics 10:10 Setup Your Sitemap 12:15 NoFollow Links 13:51 The RoleManager 14:50 Redirect Broken Urls With The 404 Monitor 16:36 Schema MarkUp RankMath SEO 20:23 Introduction to RankMath SEO 21:23 Site Analytics 21:54 SEO Performance 22:29 Keywords (And positions) 25:10 Get More Statistics With RankMath Pro RankMath General Settings 30:55 Links 33:44 Breadcrumbs 35:53 Optimise Images Using RankMath 38:32 Google Search Console 39:11 Robot.txt 42:04 RSS feed Settings 44:07 RankMath WooCommerce 45:37 The 404 Monitor 46:57 Redirections Titles & Meta Settings 49:08 Global Meta Settings 50:13 Choose a Separator Character 51:17 Configure The Local SEO 51:50 Setup Social Media Settings 52:22 RankMath Homepage SEO Settings 52:39 Archive Search Results Display Settings 54:53 Post SEO Settings 56:15 Page SEO Settings 57:24 WooCommerce Product Page SEO Settings 58:17 Category SEO Settings 01:00:04 Configure Your SiteMap For Google 01:02:04 The 404 Monitor And Redirection 01:06:31 Use Redirections RankMath SEO Analysis 01:07:32 Analyse Your Website Using RankMath SEO Analysis Optimize Your Blogposts And Pages 01:16:26 Optimise Individual Posts And Pages 01:17:32 Create A Focus Keyword 01:18:49 (Optional) Use Ahrefs To Find The Best Keywords 01:19:44 Optimise Your Blog post Title 01:20:35 Adjust The Google Search Result Content 01:23:24 Add More Focus Keywords 01:25:39 Optimise The Images In Your Website 01:26:53 Create Pillar Content In RankMath 01:28:04 Index Your Posts RankMath Schema Markup 01:29:05 Schema Markup In RankMath 01:30:33 Schema Markup For Product Pages 01:35:38 Optimising Your HomePage RankMath Pro 01:40:36 Get RankMath Pro 01:43:51 Export And Import RankMath Settings 01:45:17 The Pro’s about RankMath Pro 01:46:33 Configure The Extra Options Using RankMath Pro 01:47:28 RankMath Pro Redirections 01:49:08 Bulk SEO Actions 01:50:29 RankMath Pro Schema Markup 01:52:11 RankMath Pro Analytics 01:52:31 More Options With Schema Markup Pro 01:55:44 RankMath Pro Local Business 01:57:48 Thank You


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