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Title:Impingement-Syndrom ➡️ Teste diese Übungen bei Schulterschmerzen

Immediate help for shoulder pain caused by an impingement syndrome. In the video, we show you 2 simple stretching exercises with which you can create more space under your acromion again. Pain, inflammation and immobility against back. Test our exercises and relax your shoulder directly! The impingement syndrome occurs between the joint head and the acromion and is not - as often assumed - an injury, but rather an inflammation of the bursa in the shoulder. Too little space between the joint head and acromion limits the supply and removal of nutrients. Inflammatory processes then spread rapidly. But why is there too little space here? Quite simply: Our shoulder is moved too little and too one-sidedly by us. Muscles and fasciae around the glenohumeral joint shorten and pull the joint head ever further upwards towards the acromion. The metabolism is deprived of space to work. Relaxation of the muscles and fasciae relieves the pain, giving the joints more space again. And it is precisely this relaxation that you can achieve through movement. In the video, pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht shows you exercises with which you can relieve your pain and prevent future shoulder pain. The exercises are easy and quick to learn, so you can perform them routinely at home after a few days. Be patient, give your tissue time and observe how you can increasingly treat your shoulder pain yourself. ➡️ OUR TOOLS ⬅️ ✅ Fascia set ► ✅ Handle set ► ✅ Knee rescuer ► ✅ Practice loop ► ➡️ OUR BOOKS ⬅️ ✅ Germany has backs ► ✅ The Arthrosis Lie ► ✅ Treat knee pain yourself ► ✅ Treating sciatica / ISG yourself ► ➡️ INFO ⬅️ All information about Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy ► ------------------------------ In our Facebook group, you can share your pain with other patients for free: ► ------------------------------ You suffer from acute pain? Here you can find a Liebscher & Bracht therapist near you ► ------------------------------ Are you a therapist and interested in training as a pain therapist according to Liebscher & Bracht? Here you can request our training information documents free of charge and without obligation. ► ------------------------------ Follow us on our other online channels: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Legal notice: Roland Liebscher-Bracht and Dr. Petra Bracht have carefully considered and checked the information provided. To the best of their knowledge and belief, they provide you with their personal knowledge and experience of the last 30 years. Nevertheless, we must draw your attention to the following legal information: The information offered by Liebscher & Bracht is for your information only and in no case replaces personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a licensed physician. The contents provided by us cannot and may not be used to make independent diagnoses. The contents are exclusively intended to help you to help yourself in case of well-being disorders. A treatment of diseases in the medical sense does not take place. We also expressly point out that we do not make any promises of success with our contents. If our contents should erroneously give the impression that success is to be expected, we expressly point out that this is not the case.


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