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Title:La Bayadere - Ballet (Баядерка - Балет) #ballet #labayadere | MARIUS PETIPA | #petipa

LIBRETTO ACT 1 Scene 1 – The Festival of Fire The stage represents a consecrated forest, branches of bananas, amras, madhavis, and other Indian trees are intertwined. At the left is a pond designated for ablutions. In the distance, the peaks of the Himalayans. The wealthy Kshatriya Solor (a famous warrior) enters with a bow in his hand. Hunters are pursuing a tiger. At a sign from Solor, they run across the stage and are lost in the depths of the forest. Solor lingers for a time and orders the fakir Madhavaya not to leave this place, that he find occasion to say a few words to the beautiful Nikiya, who lives in the [nearby] pagoda. Then Solor exits. The doors of the pagoda open and from the temple the Great Brahmin emerges triumphantly; behind him follow munis (monastic wise men), rsi (seers), bramacarins (Indian priests), and finally gurus in long linen garments. The priests wear [pendants made of] cords on their foreheads – a sign of brahminesque rank. From the pagoda also emerge devadasi (bayadères of the first rank). Preparations for the festival of fire are being made. At the sides of the pagoda, and on its galleries, gather fakirs, yogas, and fadiny (wandering holy people). “Where is our modest bayadère Nikiya?” the Great Brahmin asks. “I do not see her here. Order her to be called. She must adorn our spiritual procession with her dances.” Several bayadères go out after Nikiya. Penitents handle the iron and the fire, touching them to their bodies. Some have daggers, sabres, knives, and other sharp instruments which they brandish; others hold burning torches. The fakir Madhavaya also takes part in the dance, but in doing so never stops looking for the beautiful Nikiya. At last the bayadère appears, veiled, in the doors of the pagoda. Illuminated by the reddish light of the torches, she attracts the general attention. The Great Brahmin walks up to her, lifts her veil, and orders her to take part in the dances. Nikiya comes down from the steps of the pagoda and begins to dance. ˙·٠•●♥ Zotov's Dance Production ♥●•٠·˙ Why service is different? ① Professional Dance Teachers with higher education in Sports, Dance, and Arts. ② Masters of Sports of Russian ③ Coachers of the First Category ④ The Judges of the second spots category ⑤ The Best Coachers by Sports and Teachers of 2018 - Support students due training process - MakeUp and Hair Style by Anna Zotova - Dancing Psychology by Roman Zotov Join & Sign In by Telegram: ♨♨ How to dance? ♨♨ Ballroom / Latin Am. Smooth / Am. Rhythm Argentine Tango Social / Wedding Dance ✦✧✧ Kizomba ✧✧✦ Reach us to get Lesson ❤


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