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Title:Abandoned House Of German Immigrants In The USA ~ War Changed Them!

Exploring abandoned places is my hobby and finance it all out of my own pocket and the donations I get from the people who love watching the documentaries we make... A small donation would be greatly appreciated! ► Check out Danny his channel This journey will take us deep into the state of Illinois, where we discovered the forgotten house of the family Smith. Around six decades ago, Glen and Dorothy immigrated from their home country Germany to the United States, where they started a completely new life as traditional honey farmers. Glen was the director of a large bank in Berlin, and this new world was far from where he was original. It remains entirely unclear to us why they made this life-changing decision. Since they moved from Germany, they lived all their lives in this house, accompanied by their loving daughter Glenda. Unfortunately, she chose not to follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in nursing. This proved helpful later in life because Glen passed away early and Dorothy resided in bad health for the last years of her life. The hospital was far away from their remote house, but luckily, Glenda was able to take care of her and made her last years more enjoyable. After her mother passed away Glenda continued living inside the house, she never had a husband or children and passed away in relative loneliness in the year 2005 leaving the house abandoned forever. Since the passing of Glenda, the house has remained abandoned and acts as a time capsule into their past lives, with every single item still remaining inside its forgotten walls.  Today, we will take you on a tour around what has been left behind, and we will tell you the story of their lives. SOCIALS: TikTok ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Filmed & Edited by ES Forgotten (Danny) @ES.Forgotten #abandoned #explore #exploring


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