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Title:[KPOP IN PUBLIC] BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) _ SHUT DOWN | Dance Cover by EST CREW from Barcelona

Heyy BYS, mini EST is back!!🌸✨ Ready to shut it down~😈🖤💗 ——— YAYYY mini EST is back covering our favorite girls!!✨ I just can say that this album is really full of BOPS! Also, did you see Blackpink is hosting a dance cover contest??… OMG of course we’re participating!! AHH😳 We’re so excited, this is one of the first times we join a cover contest😩 We did this in ONE rehearsal- It was intense but really fun at the same time, the choreography was so enjoyable✨ Our dancers also worked soo hard for this one~ thank you all!!💘🌸 Hope you love our ‘Shut Down’ cover! 😈🖤💗 Stay tuned to our incoming covers, you won’t leave this pretty girls, right?💔👀🔪 !!: Wearing a mask isn’t obligatory in Spain anymore yay!😷🌸 Thank you so much Tianhua for recording us today🤍✨ TH: If you enjoyed and want to see more, make sure to subscribe, like and share this video! 📼 — EST MERCH: BYS! We don’t earn profits from our covers (because of copyright laws), so if it would make you happy to help us, you can do it through PayPal or KO-FI! Everything we earn will be only to make better content and prettier outfits, thank you!!☺️💘🌸 PAYPAL: KO-FI: ESTAGRAM: — 🌸MEMBERS: Jennie - Carla: Lisa - Jeongie: Jisoo - Sendy: Rosé - Zoe: 🔥BACKS: Carla: Aixa: Lys: Mel: Sopi: Isa: Miriam: Ari: #BLACKPINK #ShutDown #CoverContest #220922_221006 #YG #블랙핑크 — This video is only used for entertainment purposes, we do not own any of the music nor choreography. All rights of music and choreography belong entire to YG Entertainment.


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