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Title:Light Work

COMMENT HERE; Ⓘ This video is intended for GENERAL AUDIENCES and can be enjoyed by adults. Leave a comment here; THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOME FLASHING LIGHTS. THIS VIDEO IS NOT CANON TO THE VIDEO WORKSHOP SEASONS. IT IS ITS OWN VIDEO. BE SURE TO SPOT ALL THE FUN CHARACTERS! This is a project I started back in November just before A Reluctant Gift. Chris was so kind to give me permission to adapt my favorite Trainz video of all time. This has been such a fun time and has been a nice change of pace from the usual style of video. I challenged myself to remake every aspect of this video with my own spin on it. I remade every track from the original video from scratch and am so proud of them. These will be on Soundcloud so be sure to check that out. Also massive shout outs to Callum for doing the narration for me, he did such a great job. I really hope you all enjoy! Written by: @TheKipperRunsAgain Narrated by: @SudderyStationMaster Content by: @Sodor Workshops @The Chairlord @Xavier - LAC @Jje09 @Crovan’s Gate Works @Sodor Factories @TPeiva @DairyCow101 @MiscMischief48, @Auran, @Unhelpful Git, @KiwiConductor & Many more! Logo art by: @FizzledFirebox Directed by: @crasson - music Filmed in: Trainz Simulator 2019 Support us on Patreon for more frequent updates and behind the scenes looks at our videos! PATRON SHOUTOUTS ►Liam Miller Productions ►srmcd1 ►MH1994 ►TARDISTunnel ►Jerry521 ►Suddery Productions ►Alaric J. ►TTNPStudio ►TJOC9891 ►TBSN7 ►Spamcam Follow me! Today on the Island of Sodor, Edward the Blue Engine Delivers the bulb to the Sodor Lighthouse. There are many trials and tribulations along the way. Stay tuned to find out why!!!! FUNNY TRAIN SHOW IS NOT MINE #ThomasandFriends #ThomastheTankEngine #Trainz #TrainzThomas #Percy#Edward#Diesel10#wow #Special #Crash #AccidentsHappen #funny #trainz


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