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Title:[Mary Kills People] Desmond ✘ Lucy

WHY IS EVERYONE SLEEPING ON THIS SHOW? IT'S SO GOOD. Granted, I started it for Caroline Dhavernas (aka Alana Bloom), but I love all the characters, and it's really well-written (and only 3 seasons/18 eps long, which is great for lazy bingers such as myself). Anyway, I never thought it'd happen, but I actually fell in love with a canon ship. And as those of you who've been following me for a long time know, I pretty much NEVER post canon vids lol, so this is a first for me. I LOVE LUCY AND DESMOND SO MUCH THOUGH, THEY'RE SO SWEET, I CAN'T RESIST. I didn't really get to include all their fun moments here (though the part where she punches him in the throat makes me laugh every time), and I also didn't include Frances since it didn't really fit the vibe. Initially, I tried including Desmond's line of, "You hurt ME!" to Frances, but again, it didn't really fit, so I decided to just focus on DxL. Anyway, I seem to have a type (HEARTBREAK AND TRAGEDY lol). Lucy was terminally ill, so it was obvious she was going to die, but I was still surprised since I wasn't expecting it to happen in such a horrible way. Which made me angry, but overall, the show ended pretty well, I think. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! And you all should totally watch this show! :) Coloring by plasta.


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