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Title:Cozy Sleepy Bedtime Story to Help You Sleep / Get Cozy With LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (Chp 1 - 4)

PLEASE READ CONTENT WARNING DOWN BELOW! Tonight we have a cozy sleepy bedtime story to help you sleep. We will get cozy with Little House on the Prairie tonight which has been requested many many times here on the channel. So finally here it is! Yay! I truly hope you love it! Please let me know if you want more chapters? This classic story is about a little girl named Laura Ingalls and her family who leave behind their little House in the Big Woods of Wisconsin and are now heading to Kansas. The story captures the essence of pioneer life through the eyes of a young Laura. She provides vivid descriptions of the challenges and joys of frontier living with detailed accounts of hunting trips, encounters with Native Americans, and the hardships they face as early settlers. This book has captured the hearts of both young and old, making it a cherished classic. So get all comfy and cozy under the covers and prepare to enjoy this sleepy bedtime story. May it bring you restful sleep and peaceful dreams! Sweet dreams! [CONTENT WARNING: This story contains imagery of weapons and hunting animals as they were needed for survival during the late 1800's. The story also has racist elements in its portrayal of Native American Indians and may be offensive to some listeners. Although these racist elements are disturbing, it is part of our history and offers an opportunity for open and honest discussions about our past. Hopefully, it will be taken in the context of the times it was written in and portrayed.] Time Stamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:04 Let's settle in for story time 00:04:55 Chapter 1 Going West 00:23:50 Chapter 2 Crossing the Creek 00:38:55 Chapter 3 Camp on the High Prairie 00:50:55 Chapter 4 Prairie Day ACCESS MY AD-FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS All videos uploaded on my YouTube channel as of Nov 1/23 will be available on Patreon for you to access ad-free! By becoming a Blissful Sleeper, you will be able to drift off blissfully without ever worrying that a loud ad will startle and wake you up from a sound sleep. For only $2.00/month you can become a Blissful Sleeper by using the link provided to join! I can't wait to see you there! SAFETY DISCLAIMER: The content on this video is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any mental and physical disease. This video is not meant to be a replacement for medical, psychological or professional counselling. Please do not listen to this recording while driving or operating any machinery. Only listen when you can relax safely. ___________________________________________________________________________________ πŸ™ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL πŸ™ LISTEN TO MY BEDTIME STORIES ON SPOTIFY LISTEN TO MY BEDTIME STORIES ON APPLE LISTEN TO MY BEDTIME STORIES & GUIDED MEDITATIONS ON INSIGHT TIMER ACCESS EXCLUSIVE BEDTIME STORIES Access bonus 'ad-free' bedtime stories that are not available on YouTube every other Thursday for your relaxation and enjoyment! OR PODCAST WEBSITE CONTENT FOUND ON THIS CHANNEL All bedtime stories reside in the public domain. Sleep Hypnosis, ASMR & relaxation videos are original content by Joanne D'Amico Narrated, produced & recorded by Joanne D'Amico Edited and produced in Adobe Audition and Wondershare Filmora. EQUIPMENT USED Shure sm7B microphone Rodcaster Pro Sony Camera ZV-1 ___________________________________________________________________________________ #bedtimestory #audiobooks #sleeppodcast


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