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Title:Becoming an Accidental Expert with Kyle T. Webster (Part 2 of 2)

Get Feedback on Your Illustrations in a 1-on-1 Session with Mr. Tom Froese — ( This is Part 2/2 of my conversation with Kyle T. Webster, which we started in the previous episode (Episode 27). Today we pick up where we left off, with Kyle’s advice for those asking if they should have one style or many, how his background in traditional art skills informs his digital brushes, and he even has a word for artists who might be afraid of how AI will affect the value of their work.   HOW TO SUPPORT Thank you for listening/watching!   01 — Share this episode/podcast with a friend. This is the single most effective way to help grow this podcast. 02 — Support me on Patreon at • $8 Drawing Buddies gain exclusive access to my monthly Draw With Me meetups. • Join for as low as $3 to get 20% off my 1-on-1 coaching sessions 03 – Take my Skillshare classes! • Visit ( to find links to all my classes. Use these links and get 30 days of free membership on Skillshare! 04 – Join my mailing list • Never miss an important update. Sign up at   IN THIS EPISODE • Kyle’s Advice - Should I have just One Style or Many? • When client wants you to work in a different style • The importance of Predictability and Skill over Style • 3 Tips about Having a Style 1. You can choose how varied your style is according to your temperament 2. Be predictable and repeatable in any styles you offer 3. Be skilled in whichever styles you offer • How many Brushes has Kyle Made? • When People "Misuse" Kyle's Brushes • Kyle's Understanding of Physical Media in his Digital Brushes • When people can't get his brushes to work for them? • The difference between Artists and "Tinkerers" • Advice for illustrators who want to learn Fresco • Kyle's experience making a Domestika Class • Fresco Tutorials for University Classes • You can get Fresco for free! • Kyle's response to my being overwhelmed by all the many options and brushes • Kyle's feelings about being the Photoshop Brush guy • How the thing we end up being good at differs from what we originally thought • Why We Teach (not just for the $) • 3 Things Kyle's Excited About • Kyle's Thoughts on AI Art • Thank Yous and Goodbye   SHOW LINKS • Kyle's Substack and Podcast: The Accidental Expert - • Drawing Mindfulness App for iOS : Lines of Zen - • Kyle's online shop (Gumroad) for digital illustration tools - PODCAST TEAM/CREDITS  Mark Allan Falk, Audio/Video Engineer All Music, including Theme Song and Cues by Mark Allan Falk ( .   FIND ME ELSEWHERE (  


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