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Title:Name Beginning with Letter " M " Surprising Traits

In this video by #nittygrittywithdrneetikaushik , we shall be discussing a brand new series related to alphabets . We take alphabet ' M ' today , Numerology about person whose names start with letter 'M ' . Their positive traits & negative traits, remedies & suggestions, etc. Enjoy this video and share with family and friends whose name begins with Letter 'M' Register for my upcoming workshop (Empower Your Chakras) using this link: WATCH NEXT: →Know more about your Sunsigns :- →Name Numerology :- →Explore your birth date & its amazing facts :- →Manifest your Dreams :- →Life changing affirmations :- →Hidden secrets about chakras:- →Full Moon & New Moon Rituals :- →Know More About Crystals :- Sampurana Abundance COURSES 💸 Check out My 11 DAYS COURSE ON ACCELEARTE YOUR ABUNDANCE : 🧘🏻 7 DAYS GUIDED MEDITATION COURSE - For balancing chakra, relationship healing, enhancing intuition, welcoming abundance and become your best version → MY FAVOURITE CHANTS →RA MA DA SA (Aura cleansing): →HO'OPONOPONO (Relationship healing): Book your consultaion with me- →Astrology + Numerology consultation:- →Personalised Crystal Guidance: Shop for Energised Crystal: MY OTHER SOCIALS: 🌍 My website / blog - 📸 Instagram - 👨‍💻 Linkedin - 🎥 Facebook - 🎙 My podcast where I share my life experiences, self help talks, affirmations and mindfulness: WHO is Dr Neeti Kaushik? Dr. Neeti Kaushik, an experienced educationist for 35 years, has transitioned into a digital creator and entrepreneur. Specializing in personal and spiritual growth, she offers practices like meditation, chakras, astrology, numerology, manifestation techniques, vision boards, crystal guidance, moon meditation, healing practices, and emotional empowerment. Join her for a transformative journey towards self-improvement.


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