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Title:予定のない休日|家の中でひとりでのんびり過ごす1人暮らしのゴールデンウィーク後半|Living Alone in Japan VLOG

Thank you for watching! I had very little planned for the second half of this Golden Week.( collection of national holidays.) Organizing photos, tidying up the small stuff around my desk, taking my shoes and bag to be repaired...etc, If I had more time, I would have accumulated a list of many things I wanted to do...😅 I found myself relaxing and spending time doing what I wanted. It was a holiday weekend where I tasted the luxury of doing nothing!☺🏠. ▶️index 00:00 Wake up 03:18 Teriyaki chicken hot sandwich and pickled cabbage 07:57 Clean carpet and sofa 11:28 Shopping 16:13 Balcony maintenance 17:32 Make 5 dishes 28:17 Rare cheese cake 31:23 Going out and walking in Hibiya Park 34:18 Tea time ▶️Item Pink pajamas: Peach John Blue top: &.NOSTALGIA Black pants: UNIQLO 2nd day Pink hood: Peach John Black cardigan: SALON adam et rope' White skirt: Mila Owen Blue loungewear: Peach John ▶️VIDEOS Trip to Taiwan COSTCO shopping ▶️ ABOUT NAMI NO KURASHI I'm Nami, living alone in Tokyo. Tokyo is full of sparkling things, but let's live at my own pace! That's the motto of "Nami no Kurashi." It's a vlog documenting my ordinary daily life, where I don't have any special skills or abilities. I would be delighted if you could watch it leisurely. If you don't mind, please turn on notifications 🔔 You can change the color and size of the subtitles according to your preference. On PC, click on the ⚙️ icon of the video → Subtitles → Options On iPhone, go to Settings → Accessibility → Subtitles and Captioning Thank you very much for your warm comments 💛 I apologize for not being able to keep up with replies 💦 I truly appreciate the tremendous support 🙇


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