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Title:A channeled message from the Ancient Ones - Part 4.

Subtitles in many different languages are found under the icon " Settings" in the right corner of the video. Izabela is reading a channeled message from the Ancient Ones. This is part 4. Part 1-3 can be found in the video list. The whole message in English: From 27 February 2024 Many are gathered here today. We are the Ancient Ones. We have spoken to you on several occasions. Great are you in the spiritual dimensions. We do not want to flatter without reason. But your humility is distinguished and you need to hear true words that can give you greater power and energy to develop further We are the Ancient Ones. We bring the message of peace and we want to convey important events that await humanity within the next few months. Many of you have struggled against the odds. Many of you feel fear about the future. Many of you have lost hope for a new earth filled with peace, joy, love and abundance. We don't blame you for this. The evil energies sweeping over your world are intensifying in strength, it can be felt. Big changes are coming. These hybrids that control your politicians and major world decisions have begun to intensify their plans…. to annihilate humanity. Many of you feel these destructive energies, which in turn causes a sense of exhaustion and sickness in many of you. Dear friends, these evil hybrids will not be able to carry out their plans, which have been designed many decades in advance. They did not expect that the light would begin to grow in the hearts and souls of so many people. They were sure that humanity would be easy to conquer. In the near future you will become aware of the various armies that are stationed above your planet, in the sky, on land and underground. Dear friends...let go of the anxiety...let go of thperience. These armies are made up of many different races from many different planets and star systems. Your planet has been in focus and is of great importance to the Source of Life. You will most likely be shocked when these invisible shields are removed and you will be able to see clearly what and who is around and among you. We will not allow a nuclear war. We will not allow the destruction of the human race or of the planet. Dear friends ... let go of the anxiety... let go of the fear... focus your hearts on the future you want to experience. Big … Big … Big revelations are coming in the next few months. These revelations become so shattering and powerful that the entire political system of the planet is destroyed overnight. Your political leaders are an illusion. They do what they are told. The EU will soon no longer exist, nor will NATO, the WHO, the UN and similar institutions. They won't be needed. For a period, until your planet has recovered and you are completely free of these extremely evil energies/beings, there will be installed, in high political positions, people from other star systems (not originating from Earth). Leaders from other planets who cannot be bribed and corrupted in any way. Their sole aim is to restore balance, love, harmony and abundance to the planet, humanity, its fauna and flora. We have given you enough of time and free will to take care of this planet and its inhabitants. If we do not intervene, your world will perish. (explain what you saw regarding, money, housing, hospitals, means of transport and where those who don't want to live can choose) Out with the old! In with the new! It is the only cure for your planet. The gods of the past will be revealed. Who they were, where they came from and what their true agenda was. This will shatter most beliefs/religions. We are many working together to complete this mission of restoration and rebirth for your planet. Great blessings await those who have love and courage in their hearts. That was the message we wanted to convey today. We send you power and strength to be able to experience the enormous changes that await. May your days be filled with love and your nights with healing rest. The Ancient Ones. If you miss a specific language in the subtitles just mail me and I will add that language to the subtitle list. This I can only do to the videos that already have subtitles. Links to the channel on Rumble: The Telegram chat group: If you like to contact me you can do it at: If you like to support my work there is only one way to donate: Buy me a Ko-Fi : DISCLAIMER This video is meant for entertainment purpose only. I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion. This video is a work of fiction.


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