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Title:The best fitness routines for each stage of menopause | Dr. Stacy Sims

Tips to control your gut from ZOE Science and Nutrition - Download our FREE gut guide: Are you navigating the twists and turns of perimenopause and beyond? Traditional exercise advice often misses the mark for women in this phase, largely because it's based on research focused on men. Women's bodies aren't just smaller versions of men's, especially when it comes to health and fitness during hormonal changes. In today’s episode, we're joined by the acclaimed Dr. Stacy Sims, a leading expert on women's exercise science. Stacy delves into how menopause affects exercise responses and offers tailored strategies to adapt your fitness routine for optimal health during and after menopause. Dr. Stacy Sims is an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who researches exercise performance and nutrition, with a focus on women’s health and performance. She holds a PhD from the University of Otago in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. She did a postdoc at Stanford, where she remains an Adjunct Faculty member. She is a Research Associate at AUT Sports Performance Research Institute, New Zealand. If you want to uncover the right foods for your body, head to and get 10% off your personalized nutrition program. Follow Dr. Stacy Sims on Instagram: Follow ZOE on Instagram: Timecodes: 00:00 Introduction 01:25 Quickfire questions 05:30 Menopause and perimenopause explained 10:18 What happens when oestrogen levels change? 13:21 When does perimenopause start to happen? 16:07 What is the role of exercise in menopause? 18:45 What are hot flushes? 22:11 How can exercise have a positive impact on menopause? 23:48 What are the best exercises to do in menopause? 27:26 You are NOT going to get bulky lifting weights! 31:33 Alternatives to going to the gym 35:55 What is high-intensity training? 44:27 What is the minimum amount of exercise needed to have a positive health impact? 50:22 How does fasted training affect women? 54:26 Summary Mentioned in today’s episode: Hailey Happens Fitness: Les Mills Fitness: Train with Joan: Books: - Next Level by Dr. Stacy Sims: - ROAR by Dr. Stacy Sims: - Every Body Should Know This by Dr Federica Amati: - Food For Life by Prof. Tim Spector: Dr. Stacy Sims website: Dr. Stacy Sims podcasts: Episode transcripts are available here:


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