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Title:Is Whitney Adebayo More Tapped Than Adeola?! | Worst In Class | @channel4.0

"Adeola Patronne suffers from not being able to speak English" IN THIS EPISODE: Ex-Love Islander @WhitneyAdebayo pulls @darkestman2128 & @AdeolaPatronne for a chat in Mr. Pinero’s Physics class! Whitney starts out in detention giving dunce until her common sense kicks in, Darkest’s chances of having children are reduced in Mr. Pinero’s wicked science experiment, and in the biggest shock of the season, Adeola gets the episode’s most difficult question right … by accident of course. Will these imbeciles EVER learn? Maybe one day, but in the meantime kick back and enjoy watching them fail. @channel4.0 presents Season 2 of Harry Pinero's Worst In Class starring @HarryPineroTV. In this show, celebrity guests are thrown into detention to face humiliating punishments if they can’t succeed in some very basic schooling. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:30 Physics Trivia 07:26 The Ramp 12:30 General Knowledge 17:37 Forfeit 18:45 Outro Starring: ⭐️ Harry Pinero ⭐️ Adeola Patronne ⭐️ Darkest Man ⭐️ Whitney Adebayo Production: 🎥 Wall of Productions Check out some of our lit playlists 🔥: Stunt SZN: Goated: Tapped Out: The Infiltrators: Harry Pinero’s Worst In Class: King Konan's Trap Door: It'll Never Last: From Harry Pinero, Nella Rose and Darkest to Adeola Patronne, Chloe Burrows and Billythegoat, Channel 4.0 is your destination for the freshest content from the UK's biggest creators. Like, comment and SUBSCRIBE to be notified of new episodes of Tapped Out, King Konan’s Trap Door, Goated, It’ll Never Last, Harry Pinero’s Worst In Class and more!


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