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Title:[UPDATED] How To Set Up Facebook Conversion API w/ Google Tag Manager (Server-Side)

BEST & easiest way to send events to the Facebook conversion API using Google Tag Manager. This set-up will enable server-side tracking. Meaning that rather than using a 3rd party tool to track data like the Facebook pixel (which can be blocked by iOS), the conversion API will receive information that you collected in the first-party context. By properly setting up the Facebook conversion API with Google Tag Manager, you can send more events from your website to Facebook and it's a good alternative for when browser events can't be sent... Post iOS14. 🆘 Need our help to set this up? Visit this page: 🚀 Apply To Work With Our Agency: ▬ Content of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 00:00​ Intro 01:13 Browser vs server tracking 03:20 Import the JSON file 04:38 Set up your tags and triggers 19:08 Create your server container & connect your subdomain 25:12 Set up your server container 29:40 Preview & test your changes 22:10 Add the Facebook Conversion API Tag 31:44 How to load your web container inside your server 34:29 How to upgrade your server 36:58 Outro 🔗 Links & Resources: CAPI Custom GTM Templates: Create Facebook Custom Events and Custom Conversions (With GTM): How To Setup Facebook Conversion API On Shopify (All Events): How to Setup Facebook Pixel Standard Events (With GTM): Script to upgrade your server: bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" 🌎 Let's stay connected! 🔵 Facebook Group: ❓ Ask Us Any Questions: ❓ 🔵 Instagram: 🔵 LinkedIn:


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