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Title:How We Live With Autism: Our Special Needs & Strengths | Wired Differently | CNA Documentary

What happens when a child is hard to accept? Two families open up to us. We uncover the hidden tolls of autism within the family, the strains in family dynamics, the emotions, the guilt and the challenges they face in helping their children. Marcus, now 25, was found to be autistic at 3. Due to the stress of his stepfather not accepting his autistic behaviours, a meltdown saw Marcus threatening his stepdad with a pair of scissors. Caught between the two, Marcus’ mother, Mary, does everything she can to help Marcus find his independence and start a new life on his own. Andric is 6 - the eldest of three kids. Parenting feels even harder, when doing homework becomes a tussle with violent meltdowns. Andric’s mother, Amanda, struggles to cater to his needs as an autistic child without neglecting her younger son and baby girl. Prompted by other mothers with autistic kids, Amanda tries to find ways to secure Andric’s financial future so he wouldn’t have to depend on his younger siblings. WATCH MORE Wired Differently Part 2: ======= About the show: What do you do when the child in the family is wired differently? CNA follows four families in Singapore who have been fractured by a child whose problems go beyond what ordinary children face. =============== #CNAInsider #WiredDifferentlyCNA #Autism #SpecialNeeds For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:


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