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Title:How to bypass US crypto laws (LEGALLY)

I just bought myself an ID, that gets me verified on a lot of international crypto exchanges…legally. That means I now trade for a larger selection of cryptocurrencies, futures, staking and much more. In this video, I’m going to explain how I did it, how long it takes and which exchanges it works with. And all of this was done using a US passport. As for the legal stuff, international crypto exchanges are not supposed to allow US residents to use their services. But residents of other countries can. So in this video we’re going to become a resident of Palau, without actually having to go anywhere. Important note: Don't use the address on the back of the ID. The RNS ID people said they'll charge you for it if you do. So might need to just skip exchanges that require an address for now. 🔗 Palau Resident Referral: 🔗 Crypto Exchange Referral Links: Timestamps: 00:00 How to bypass KYC for crypto exchanges 01:55 Disclaimers 03:21 What is the Palau Digital Residency Program? 04:19 Palau Digital ID vs Voyager Pass NFT 05:57 Application process 07:16 Which crypto exchanges can I use? 08:55 Palau ID referral link 09:31 Palau ID future enhancements 🔗 Newsletter: 🔗 How to do your own crypto research: 🔗 Twitter: 🔗 Discord: Nothing in this video is financial advice. Please do enough research to form your own opinion. Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate/referral links where I would earn a commission. [Scam Warning] All comments/replies that lead you to Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram is going to be a scam. Please be careful and never trust anyone with your personal information, including me (because it might be a scammer).


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