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Title:"General's Bride Kidnapping Chronicles"56-END: General Returns to Kidnap the Bride from the Capital💕

欢迎订阅“劇劇Boss”💖💖💖观看更多精彩剧集 🔔訂閱我們/Subscribe to us.: 全集观看/Watch the complete series.👉: 《廢女逆襲之將軍搶親記/General's Wedding》主演:#吳磊#趙露思#郭濤#曾黎#李昀銳#余承恩#徐嬌#陳意涵#高寒 劇情:程家女名少商,因戰亂自幼被父母留在祖母身邊成為「留守兒童」,嬸娘狼心縱容,意圖將其養成廢人。面對重重陷阱,程少商為活命,假荒誕、真苦學,掩蓋鋒芒等待父母歸來。可撥開烏雲見月明時,卻因多年疏離致使親情已難再拾。缺愛的程少商,遇新帝義子淩不疑、白鹿山才子袁慎、世家子弟樓垚,三人各有優劣。在選擇適婚者上,程少商既自卑又務實,盡管情感之路頗多坎坷,但她從不後悔自己的每次選擇。在與淩不疑的相處之中,也陰差陽錯卷入了淩不疑的家庭與身世之謎中。種種事件,程少商屢立奇功,也從淩不疑的家庭關系中學會與父母相處之道,以及如何經營自己的愛情。同時程少商與淩不疑也在這些經歷中各自變化成長,慢慢與自己和家庭和解,並堅守內心的正義,攜手化解國家危機,成就一段佳話。 Story: Shao Shang, the daughter of the Cheng family, was left with her grandmother at a young age due to the war, becoming a "left-behind child." Her stepmother, with a wicked heart, intended to raise her as a useless person. Faced with numerous traps, Shao Shang fights for her life, pretending to be absurd while secretly studying hard, concealing her true abilities while waiting for her parents' return. However, when the clouds part and the moon shines, years of estrangement make it difficult to regain the bond of family. Shao Shang, deprived of love, encounters Ling Buyi, the righteous son of the new emperor, Yuan Shen, a talented young man from Bai Lu Mountain, and Lou Yao, a young man from a prestigious family. Each of the three has their own strengths and weaknesses. In choosing a suitable husband, Shao Shang is both self-doubting and practical. Despite the many obstacles on her emotional journey, she never regrets her choices. In her interactions with Ling Buyi, Shao Shang inadvertently becomes entangled in the mysteries of Ling Buyi's family and origins. Through various events, Shao Shang repeatedly achieves remarkable feats and learns how to relate to her parents, as well as how to navigate her own love life. At the same time, both Shao Shang and Ling Buyi undergo personal growth and transformation through these experiences, gradually reconciling with themselves and their families, and upholding their inner sense of justice. Together, they work hand in hand to resolve a national crisis and create a beautiful tale.


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