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Title:"Munajat Udzma"|Habib Umar menangis saat Mahallul Qiyam|Di PonPes Asshidqu

Assalamualaikum the lovers of Rasulullah SAW thank you for stopping by this video This video from: "MULTIMEDIA JALTSAH ITSNAIN ASSEMBLY RASULULLAH SAW WEST JAVA" Al-Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidz was born in Tarim on Monday, 4 Muharram 1383 H or May 27, 1963 AD Since young, he has studied a number of religious sciences such as Al-Hadist, Fiqh, Tauhid and Usul Fiqh from his own family environment , especially from his father, Muhammad bin Salim who was a Mufti in Tarim. Apart from his father, at that time he also learned from other figures such as Al-Habib Muhammad bin Alawi bin Shihab al-Din, Al-Habib Ahmad bin Ali Ibn al-Shaykh Abu Bakr, Al-Habib Abdullah bin Shaykh Al-Aidarus , Al-Habib Abdullah bin Hasan Bil-Faqih, Al-Habib Umar bin Alawi al-Kaf, al-Habib Ahmad bin Hasan al-Haddad, and other scholars in Tarim. Habib Umar himself began to teach and preach since he was 15 years old while continuing to study with the scholars at the time. Source: May all of you also receive blessings from the afterlife amen aamiin ya robbal naturally ... watch too: parody genjieeee: Love Letter from YouTube: Drawing: I hope you get intercession in the hereafter ... Let's be together together ... and let's SHARE this video so that other people will join together with holsters ... then we will get a favor anyway ... "Whoever shows kindness, then he will be rewarded as one who carries out that kindness" (HR.Muslim) Subscribe for the zigong channel for free: Follow the zigong official Instagram: Like the zigong fanpage: Ayo share! #Salam_Zigong #AlhabibUmarbinHafidz #Majelis_Rasulullah_SAW #Ponpes_asshidqu


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