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Title:Bananas in Pyjamas: Birthday Surprise (30370 52033 - 2002 VHS)

2002 was quite the substantial year for anniversaries for specific franchises - be it for Sooty (in his television years), Rainbow turning 30 years old, and the BBC turning 80 years, just to name a few. B1 and B2 were no exception, as the show turned 10 years old during that year, with the ABC having some relatively small plans, though it was more noticeable in the home video department. Again, despite the show not debuting until 1994 in England, Carlton acknowledged the show's decade-long tenure by releasing what would be the final home video releases on VHS. This being the first - episode topics didn't matter near as much, as these would be designed to attempt to churn the rest of Series 4 from the vault given the episode quantity. That, and this is one of the very few tapes I retain a memory of purchasing in a shop (Beatties, I assume?) with my parents when it was new on the shelves at the age of 5 - to think 2002 was 20 years ago is mind-bogglingly terrifying. In any case, beginning the tape per week marathon at the end of February was the perfect move to ensure this would be the release to premiere the day before the show's 30th anniversary! Sure, the celebration-centric episodes aren't entirely based around the bananas, destiny lead it up to this point, I suppose, lmao. ©ABC Australia


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