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Title:SiMS FAMiLY with ADLEY!! taking care of Crazy Baby Adley! Sim Shaun & Jenny move into a new house

Moving into a new house?? In sims!! We love this game! JOIN THE FAM - HEY EVERYBODY!! Wouldn't it be CRAZY if Adey was in control of a little tiny family? Well that's exactly what we've got going today now that we're playing this new G for Gaming game "The Sims 4". Today we had Adley and Dad having a way fun time playing this game that we have NEVER played on G for Gaming before! Lot's of our friends probably know what we're talking about! It's The Sims 4! In the Sims, Adley and Shaun get to create a mini version of their family from the SUPER EARLY videos of Best Day Ever on the Shonduras channel! It brought back so many memories! But it also created so many hilarious moments that you'll just have to watch and see for yourself! First we had to create our Sim Family! We decided that we would pretend that we were making our family from when Adley was just a little baby toddler! The first Sim we made was Dad! At first he was looking CRAZY and nothing like real dad! He had huge muscles and big old fancy glasses! But we finally got him looking just like Dad! We even found a pirate shirt so he could be Pirate Dad! After that, we moved on to make Mom! Instantly Dad was in love with Jenny's sim, just like real life! And finally we made little baby Adley! We even found the cute little pink bear onesie that baby Adley used to wear when she was so tiny! Finally, after we created all of our Sims, it was time to choose a place to move in and start out little G for Gaming family! Adley said living in the city was off limits because they couldn't afford to live there! So we moved to a cute little neighborhood and bought our own first little house! Once we moved in, Adley decided to build a little baby room for her Sim Baby! But, she accidentally put it INSIDE the house so we had to back it up and fix the big hole in our house! After that Adley sold our shower so she could buy a little bathtub that baby Adley could be washed in! We also realized that we need to make money so Jenny's Sim got a job as an sim astronaut! Dad was trying to put baby Adley to sleep but it was taking forever, finally he told her the Dracula Dad bedtime story and it instantly put her to sleep! We were going to play until Adley's birthday in the game but Adley accidentally pushed a button and closed out of the whole game so we might have to wait until the next episode of Sims for that! This episode was such a fun time and we hope you all love us playing the Sims 4 for the first time! Thanks for watching!! BYEE!!! PSSSHHHHHHH enjoy some A for Adley videos: have a blast with our A for Adley Shorts: share a best day ever with our family: fun best day ever shorts: watch the latest A for Adley video: ADLEY starts a SPACESTATiON SALON!! Free Hair Style and Fashion Makeover for crew! Adley's the Boss this is our channel G for Gaming!! this is a place that i can share all of my favorite gaming moments!!


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