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Title:Network Protocols - ARP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, DNS, DHCP - Networking Fundamentals - L6

In this video we provide a formal definition for Network "Protocols". We then briefly describe the functionality of the 8 most common networking protocols on the Internet: DNS, DHCP, HTTP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, FTP, and SMTP. We follow that with a discussion on the four items which MUST be configured to achieve any sort of Internet connectivity. This is Lesson 6 of Module 1 of a Networking Fundamentals course. The first module will be released for free on Youtube and will teach anyone the very core of networking: How data moves through the Internet. === Networking Fundamentals - Module 1 === Lesson 1 - Network Devices Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 2 - OSI Model Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 3 - Everything Hosts to do speak on the Internet Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 4 - Everything Switches do to facilitate communication Part 1: Part 2: Lesson 5 - Everything Routers do to facilitate communication Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Lesson 6 - Networking Protocols - - ARP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, DNS, DHCP - Four items MUST be configured for Internet Connectivity Lesson 7 - How Data moves through the Internet - - Interview question: What happens when you type "" into a web browser? --- If you enjoyed this content, then please tell one other person about this series. At the end of the day, sharing this content is the best way you can thank me and return the favor for this free content. You can get free Internet Points (Karma, Likes, etc) by simply sharing this content across social media communities. =) Thank you. --- 🖧 Full Networking Fundamentals series (Module 1 - all FREE): 📇 Details about the Full Networking Fundamentals Course: 📜 Studying for your CCNA? 🧮 Want to learn Subnetting? 🔐 Want to learn about SSL, TLS, and Cryptography? 📖 Other Courses: 💬 Discord: #networking #ccna #protocols #network #osi #switches #routers 00:00 - Intro 00:16 - Protocols - Formal Definition & Example 02:06 - FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SSL, TLS, HTTPS 04:25 - Hosts - Clients and Servers 05:04 - DNS - Domain Name System 07:02 - Four items to configure for Internet Connectivity 09:06 - DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 10:44 - Summary 11:34 - Outro


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