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Title:Durga Puja আমেরিকাতে দুর্গা পূজার বিসর্জন কিভাবে হয়? Seattle Durga Puja

ভিডিওটি ভালো লাগলে লাইক, শেয়ার এবং সাবস্ক্রাইব করবেন কিন্তু....খুব খুশি হবো! 🥰 ✅আমার ক্যামেরা গিয়ার্ গুলো নিচের লিংক এ গেলে কিনতে পারবেন👇 🔴Amazon Link for Camera Gears : ✅আমার Skin Care & Personal Care এর প্রোডাক্টস গুলো নিচের লিংক থেকে কিনতে পারেন 👇 My AMAZON Link: ✅To Subscribe CLICK HERE 👇​ 🔴Instagram:👇 🔴Facebook: 👇 🔴TikTok: 👇 🔴For PR/Business: Happy Durga puja everyone. Uttoron Address Uttoron. P. O. Box 3691, Bellevue, WA 98009-3691. ​ Come the first few weeks of September, the heart of a Bong thumps faster, it is nothing but in anticipation of homecoming of goddess Durga – that is Durga Puja. It won’t be entirely an exaggeration to say that Bengalis world over spend a significant amount of their time planning and deciding what to do during the Durga Pujas. Most of them wear multiple sets of clothes – mind you, there’s a morning outfit and an evening outfit, plus emergency backup outfits. And of course, there are important decisions to make – like what to eat on which day. From the warm khichudi, papad bhaja as bhog in pandals to the street stalls set up to serve delectable dishes like egg rolls, kobiraji and mughlai parota, you are game to feast on anything and everything. So prior to the pujas, the air is absolutely thick with a feeling one gets just before the starting, the unravelling of something extremely huge — the feeling you get just before reaching the peak of a much awaited climax. You will get to see sweaty Bongs, who under the twelve o’clock sun, sits in an auto patiently stuck in a huge traffic jam in the heart of a buzz-filled street near Dakshinapan or Hatibagan market, clutching onto innumerable bulging shopping bags of different shapes and sizes. This is called Puja shopping. #SubarnaDeyTravelVlogs #Durgapuja #durgapuja


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