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Title:From Star Wars to AI: The Fascinating Life of Doug Griffin | Ep 59

From Star Wars to AI, diving into the fascinating Life of Doug Griffin, a tech visionary whose impact resonates through gaming, cinema, & digital storytelling. From illuminating the Star Wars galaxy for Lucasfilm & ILM to shaping immersive digital realms of Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and more, we traverse the expansive domains of cinema, gaming, & tech. Delve into discussions on pioneering technologies like OpenAI, Google Bard, Midjourney, and Apple's Vision Pro, pondering their potential to transform society. Amidst rapid tech advancements, Griffin's expertise in biomechanics, gaming, VFX, & AI provides invaluable insights. With a career peppered with impressive startups and notable acquisitions by industry titans like Disney, Apple, & Roblox, Griffin offers deeply insightful perspectives. We discuss his contributions to iconic franchises like The Mummy Returns, Harry Potter & Pirates of the Caribbean and envision a future where AI brings such characters to life for real-time adventures. Together, we dissect the recent E.U. AI Act, considering its impact on tech, governance, and society's reshaping. Topics covered: ✅ Griffin's captivating lineage born from the “Secret City” of Oak Ridge. ✅ His transformative journey from architecture to tech with the Pentium processor's arrival. ✅ The blend of exercise physiology & biomechanics in gaming, inspired by PlayStation One. ✅ Collaborations with industry giants: Biovision, EA, Lucasfilm, and more. ✅ AI's disruptive role in the creative realms of games & films and more. ✅ In-depth analysis of Apple's Vision Pro & venture capital intricacies. ✅ Envisioning the AI-driven future in storytelling, creativity & healthcare. ✅ The essence of aligning passions and championing change. As we wrap up our profound conversation, we reflect on your role in our shared future. The onus isn't solely on tech pioneers like Griffin. It's on all of us. Challenge conventions, foster curiosity, and drive change, for the future is ours to mold. Timestamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:24 Who’s Doug 00:02:00 Oak Ridge “The Secret City” 00:04:10 The Crossroads Moment 00:05:10 Human Performance & Biomechanics 00:08:10 The Games Industry, Lucasfilm & Star Wars 00:11:47 Perceptual Computing 00:13:49 Advancement of AI 00:21:18 AI’s Impact on Games & Movies & The “Culture of Creativity” 00:23:10 Thought’s on Apple’s Vision Pro 00:29:15 A Shared Desire For Impact 00:34:15 Outlook For the Future 00:37:07 Midjourney & Sandboxing Tech 00:38:45 “A Time Of Rapid Change”, Leadership & Governance. 00:45:28 Biggest Opportunities & Immediate Challenges For The Future 00:49:22 Key Thoughts & Takeaways


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